The Furminator

As you may know, there is a very fluffy kitty that lives in my house.
While I adore all that fur because it makes him the softest kitty in the world, it also has its drawbacks. 

Namely, he sheds like snake in heat. I don't think a "snake in heat" is even a thing. But just imagine a snake shedding more frequently than normal, and you get the picture. 

We're constantly vacuuming the furniture, lint-brushing our clothing, and collecting little "P-Cakes Tumbleweeds" throughout the house. He's even been leaving hairballs throughout the house lately. It is not a glamorous situation, friends. 

Eric received a special Bissell pet-fur vacuum for Christmas last year (Seriously. It was on his list) and while it does a good job of keeping the furniture fur-free, it doesn't really help the problem at hand: Mr. Pancakes just has too much dang fur! We brush him every once in a while, but it doesn't pull up a lot of fur, and Mr. Pancakes isn't actually the most patient cat during the brushing process. We thought we were out of luck in the de-shedding department.


Normally we're pretty skeptical with so-called miracle pet-hair-removal systems, but with some research discovered this thing has gotten amazing reviews across the board. We decided to try our luck, and ordered the large cat, long-haired model, even though Mr. Pancakes is medium-sized (not fat, just fluffy) and just in between shorthair and longhair (he is a cross between an American Shorthair and a Maine Coon - one of the fluffiest cats there is).

Within seconds of the Furminator arriving on our doorstep, we tore open the box to see how it worked. 

At first, Mr. Pancakes was not on board.

Then, after a few strokes, he started to calm down. Usually when he brush him, he won't hold still and wants to play with the brush. After a minute or two, he began to love the massage.

We brushed him for about five minutes straight and he loved it! Whenever we stopped, he purposely posed in front of us like he was ready for more!

And the result of that five-minute brush (aside from a happy cat)? This:

Yes, I realize it is disgusting to feature a gigantic clump of cat hair on my blog, but I had to show you how amazingly this product worked!

For comparison, here is the fur-clump next to my fist.

That's a lot of fluff, folks.

All the reviews are RIGHT. The Furminator is completely worth the money (purchased for about $38 on Amazon), and it's even better knowing just how much Mr. Pancakes loves it! He has never been that calm during a brushing - it's like his own professional back scratch!

The Furminator isn't just for cats, people. Oh no, if you've got a shedding problem with Rover, they've got models for dogs, too! I bet it'd even work on a Guinea Pig!

The change in loose fur has been noticeable since his first Furmination. When I pick him up, he leaves behind much less fur, and when I pet him, I'm not left with a clump of Mr. Pancakes fluff in my hand (gross imagery, I know, but I have to illustrate my point). Hopefully it helps in the hairball department, too. It's too soon to tell, but he hasn't yakked any up in over a week, so that's promising news!

I would definitely recommend investing in a Furminator if your pet leaves behind a lot of hair. I was in no way compensated by the good people who make Furminator, and I'm fairly certain they aren't aware this blog exists (though they should be!). I just wanted to give my honest opinion to any fellow pet owners out there.

The Furminator is FurminAWESOME.

(I'm sorry for that.)

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  1. I also own a furminator and am aware of its amazingness!! My short hair cat looks a bit bald after I'm done, which is just what I'm going for anyway. Unfortunately, my prissy long hair cat will not sit still for a brushing so sometimes have to trap her under my armpit!


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