Little changes

While I've been itching to complete a couple of "bigger" projects around the house, I've stopped to remember that even the tiniest changes can make a big impact on a room. Adding an accessory, a vase of flowers or a new pillow can add a whole new feel to a room. The best part about making little changes is that they usually cost very little, too. 

I'd never felt quite right about the white mirror that used to hang above the dresser/console in our living room. I'd had the thing for a number of years, and even after it went from oil-rubbed bronze to white, it seemed to stick out - in a bad way - from the rest of our living room decor. Besides, it also had a slightly warped mirror, and looking into it always reminded me of being trapped in a funhouse.

And, just for fun, remember how everything looked before we acquired our fun cream-and-gold dresser? 

One afternoon, Eric texted me while at work and told me he'd picked up a mirror at a nearby thrift store (the same one where he found the dresser... and the gilded giraffe atop it). I have to admit I was a bit perturbed that he didn't text me a picture or consult me in the least about this purchase. Usually, we run everything by each other before purchasing anything for our house. But as the mirror was just $5, Eric decided to take a chance.

I braced myself.

But, as has been the case with most of his thrift-store surprises, when I saw the mirror I liked it instantly. It looks like it was made to hang above the dresser! It's such a better fit than the previous wire mirror that hung there before.

Ahhh... A welcome change, indeed. 

Another fun change was the addition of billy buttons in the little white vase. I have been obsessed with billy buttons for awhile - they are the sweetest, cutest little flower. They look fantastic in bouquets, but stand alone quite well, also. 
At last weekend's wedding, a vase of billy buttons sat as the centerpiece of each table. I kept asking Eric to ask the bride (his coworker) where she found them. He ended up asking her that night, and she told me I could take a bunch of them home if I wanted. I was ecstatic! I'd been looking for either dried or fake billy buttons for a few months now, but I was able to bring home two large bunches of them for free! I plan to use them all over the house, but I love the way they look in this small vase on the dresser.

Now, with the addition of the just-right mirror and the cute little billy buttons, I'm fairly satisfied with the state of this area in the entry/living room area. Everything ties together so much better, and for $5 this little change packs a big punch.

What are your favorite ways to make small changes with a big impact?

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