Mini Bowling and Moscow Mules

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Before I get started with the weekend's festivities, I just have to point out how awesome it is that a good friend of mine had her baby this morning, on LABOR Day. Perfect! Congrats, Megan and Jared, on Antoinette and her impeccable timing :)

While some people spent this weekend ushering in new life, others (like me) spent it eating copious amounts of food and guzzling spirits. It's all about creating balance in this world, folks.

Eric and I had planned on hosting a cookout for some friends from Madison on Saturday, and just like the last time we'd planned a cookout with them, it rained. ALL day. We still managed to fire up the grill under the cover of some large pine trees out front, but there were no yard games or sun-filled fun to be had.

We figured if we couldn't play games outside, we might as well head to one of the most fun places in the city to partake in some friendly competition: Koz's Mini Bowl.

Koz's is a divey little bar in a somewhat questionable part of town, but it is so incredibly unique, and always a lot of fun. The front of the bar is limited on space, but not on taxidermed wildlife.

Yes. That is a full-sized stuffed lion. Yes, he is a Packers fan.

While the front of the bar is entertaining enough, the back is where the action really happens. There's a four-lane duckpin bowling alley back there!
See those arms and legs behind the pins at the back? Those are employees who reset the pins by hand all night. It is fantastic.

 The bowling balls are just right for my tiny baby hands.

 The men's bathroom door.
And, of course, no game of duckpin bowling is complete without a frosty beverage.

We played two rounds - my first went pretty well, my second? Not so much. 

After our games were played and 17 songs on the jukebox were finished, we headed back into Bay View to go to one of my favorite neighborhood bars: Blackbird. Blackbird has a great vibe, and I always have a great time there.  And while they don't have a stuffed lion, the do have a gilded one.

Blackbird also has a special on one of Eric's new favorite drinks: The Moscow Mule. We were first introduced to these crisp refreshers when my friends Lauren and Craig visited a couple of weeks ago. Craig said they're popular in Boston, but we'd never heard of them. Then, while at Blackbird, we looked up at the specials and sure enough, Moscow Mules were the special drink that night. Served in a copper mug, they make you feel extra special while sipping.

The Moscow Mule is just simply vodka, ginger beer and lime. It's a really crisp, refreshing combination.

So refreshing, I enjoyed two.
As if mini bowling and Moscow Mules weren't enough, we decided to close the night down the street at Frank's Power Plant, where Saturday-night karaoke was going down. I was too busy dancing to snap any photos, but it was a totally fun time. When it comes to karaoke, we don't mess around.

After all that fun, Sunday was a bit of a recovery day. It was also a day of, one by one, polishing off the rest of these:
These would be cookie-dough cheesecake bars. And they're every bit as divine as they sound. You can find the recipe here. Trust me, you'll want to try them for yourself.

So after a couple of days of gluttony and fun, Labor Day, itself, has proven to be pretty productive. If all goes as planned, you can look forward to two very fun projects to show up on this here blog in the next few days. This crisp Fall-like weather that's taken over Milwaukee just makes me want to get things done.

What did you do this long holiday weekend?

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  1. Too fun! That's a PERFECT Milwaukee evening in my opinion. Only, remember -- next time, squeeze in a trip to the Holler House to kick the evening off -- before there's any driving to do! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holler_House


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