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Another Friday, another week full of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week:

[Believe it or not, this was my only home decor pin of the week! However, I love this sweet idea of a little awning above a slanted-ceiling's window. We've got two in the main bedroom upstairs, and adding an awning may give the room a little bit of oomph.]

Apparently I was just really hungry this week, because what I lacked in home decor pins, I make for with food. There's a cookout scheduled for Saturday, so stay tuned to see which of these mouth-watering goods made the cut:

[These are supposedly "healthified" chocolate-chip blondie bars. I am a huge fan of blondies, and if these bars come close to tasting like the full-fat, full-sugar version, I think I just met my new best friend.] 

[As soon as I saw these salted fudge brownies on Jenna's blog, my mouth watered like one of Pavlov's dogs. There are a must bake sometime within the next couple of weeks.]

[I'm not sure which brownie recipe threw me into more of a hysteria - the salted ones, or these "Better Than Crack" brownies. Now, I've never tried crack, but I'm willing to bet these would send even Tyrone Biggums over the edge.]

[Gang, my refrigerator is overflowing with cucumbers. Although I've given plenty away to coworkers, as has Eric, they just keep popping up. I eat cucumber every day, but I still can't keep up with my bumper crop. This tasty-looking cucumber salad would be the perfect way to whittle down my current cuke collection.]

[While the Badgers were playing last night, I averted my "This team is not Ohio State" eyes over to Pinterest for the evening. Sitting right by Eric, I was pointing out just how Pinterest works. He glanced at my laptop's screen, saw these Bacon & Beer Griddle Cakes, and immediately shouted "PIN THOSE RIGHT NOW!!!" I dutifully obliged, and so, here they are: Bacon & Beer Griddle Cakes. I have a feeling Sunday mornings are about to get a little more unhealthy.]

[I do not own a full-sized ironing board. In fact, I've had the same tabletop ironing board since my freshman year of college (don't even ask how many times it's actually been used since then). Maybe I don't use my ironing-board enough for actual clothing, but it's always necessary while sewing (especially while making no-sew curtains!). This handy DIY ironing board would be perfect next to a sewing table and would fold up nice and neat.]

[I have no idea why, but it's practically scientifically proven that cats love lying in sinks. It's almost always a hysterical sight, but this one happens to completely adorable, as well.]

[Corgis are one of my favorite breeds of dog. Their ears are way too big for their heads! Their stubby legs can't even make it upstairs! They also are apparently perfectly happy just chilling in a mailbox. "Oh hai! You haz gots da mails!"]

[Quick! Name one thing cuter than a baby chick! Did you say a baby kitten? You are right. And if you said a baby chick and kitten lovingly playing together, you are the rightest person in the whole wide world. Congratulations - your prize is this awwww-inducing photo.]

What have you pinned this week? I'd love to see!

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