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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week:


[Not only do I love the sage accents and white-planked ceilings of this room, but from the instant I saw it I thought, "Aha! You can make an odd-shaped attic room look nice!" We've got a very similar room space in our master bedroom, which we've been scratching out heads about since we moved in. I love the stair rail, and those white planks on the slanted ceiling are making me itchy to gather more planks for an upcoming DIY.]

[I love the warmth of this room - the yellow, patterned walls, the picture shelf above the bed, and I'm especially digging those pillows on the bed. It's a little more "traditional" than my typical taste, but it's got enough personality to keep me interested.]

[There's not much traditional about this room, and that's why I love it. the couch is fantastic, and the bright pillows are a fun touch. I'm dying for those lamps, and the only thing I'm not completely wild about is that pink pouf - something about it just doesn't seem to fit.]


[Last weekend, I was introduced to the amazing Serbian dish Burek. When I saw this stuffed mushroom phyllo roll on Oh She Glows, the flaky, thin dough stuffed with savory cheese and veggies reminded me instantly of the divine Burek...only it wouldn't take 50 minutes to bake. I definitely can't wait to try this at home.]

[While perusing Oh She Glows (goddess of vegetarian and vegan cooking and baking), I also came across her recipe for creamy roasted red pepper hummus. In my book, Sabra makes the creamiest, most delicious hummus in the world, so I'd like to make this recipe and see how it holds up. I'm guessing it'll be a toss up.]

[This Garden Harvest Cake first caught my attention thinking it was kind of a carrot-cake-type bread. Then, reading further, I realized it's full of more than just carrots: zucchini, Granny Smith apples and walnuts add extra oomph to this healthful, easy-to-make cake.]

[I will never attempt to recreate this cake. I know there's no way I could. But this has got to be one of the cutest, happiest cakes I have ever seen!]


[There's a little situation happening in our kitchen cupboards right now, and the situation is that they look like little cabinet tornadoes wreaked havoc inside them. I'm obsessed with this idea of keeping things organized using spring-loaded cafe rods inside - no more stacking cookie sheets and cutting boards on top of one another!] 

[Halloween has been saved! Keep your jack-o-lanterns looking fresh for longer by simply placing a silica packet (you know, the kinds always included with new shoes and purses? - And, as Eric pointed out, beef jerky...) inside! The packet will draw in any moisture, saving your spooky gourds from taking on that inevitable bitter beer face.]


[I think this is the most ladylike outfit I've ever seen on Pinterest. Very Jackie O. Or Kate Middleton. Or Michelle Obama - choose your muse. But I am drooling over it. So pretty and put together. On the down side - it's the sort of dress you just can't eat ribs in.]

[Noticing a pattern here? Yeah, it's no secret I flock to yellow dresses. This one is a bit more casual, and could definitely be rocked with a cropped, fitted jacket (or my BFF, the cardigan) for fall.]


[Sweet heavens. Krittabug posted a link to this derp-tastic kitten on Twitter the other day and I just about fell off my chair. Look how tiny! Look how smoosh-faced! There are plenty more pictures where this came from, but I think this might just be the cutest kitten in the world. Oh - besides Mr. Pancakes, that is.]

[Hey remember like a couple seconds ago when I said that one kitten might be the cutest in the world? Well, once this sleepy fella wakes up, I think they're gonna have to fight for that title.]

[And for those of you who are not feline-friendly (for shame!), here's a little something for you: Puppy butt!]

[It's not often life on the Internet actually calls for an LOL (When someone replies "LOL," it really means they can't think of anything else to say...), but this one had me rolling. Bro, you're doing it wrong.]

[I knew I wasn't the only one! I knew I couldn't be the only kid who had no idea what that funny-looking mark in the Disney logo was!]

What did you pin this week? I'd love to see!


  1. I didn't pin it, but I ate that Great Harvest bread, and it's delicious!

    Love the silica packet trick, but not so into the pink pouf either. Personally, I prefer the puppy butt. :)

  2. Rachel-
    I just wanted to share that I didn't realize that was a "D" for a long time, and I had a huge poster of "Disney's the Jungle Book" on my wall for a long time...shame. And I have to share the hat fail- good one, bra!


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