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Another Friday, another week of pins. Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week.

[This room caught my eye instantly. There's a lot going on, but I think it's done well. Mismatched frames, prints and mirrors. I love the bold rug and that red chair, and even though there's kind of a Fahrenheit 451 thing going on with that fireplace loaded with books, I think it's a cool, quirky touch.] 

[I love the color scheme of this room - the deep mustard yellow paired with that dusty robin's-egg blue? So pretty. Those curtains are fabulous, and I love the unexpected zebra-print rug; it keeps the room from looking too prim.]

[This adorable, sunny nursery almost makes me forget about my paralyzing fear of babies.... almost. Is it bad I kind of want this to be my room?]

[When I first saw this painted antler, I absolutely loved it. Then, when I saw it was a piece of work from Milwaukee artist Cassandra Smith, I loved it even more. So unexpected and full of personality. On top of it all, this is something I could probably do on my own!]

[I didn't discover the absolute mouth-joy of bread pudding until earlier this year, but now that I have, every time I hear about it, my mouth waters. This recipe for croissant-chocolate bread pudding sounds sensational, and a snap to make!]

Whoa! Fairly certain this is impossible at my house, but - awesome!
[I'm convinced whether you live in a studio apartment or a 12-bedroom mansion, your home is just never going to have enough room for storage. This idea for stairway drawers is brilliant - what a way to tap into unused space! I know I couldn't do it in my home, but it doesn't mean I can't dream about it...]

[I'm not so sure I could pull this outfit off (ruffles around the neck just doesn't suit me, it seems), but I'd sure like to try!]

[What is this dress color? Jade green? Teal? Whatever it is, I love it. The real clincher, though? That little waist-cinching belt. Love all around.]

What have you pinned this week? I'd love to see!

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