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Do you ever look back through the pictures on your phone or camera and just sit there, scratching your head, thinking "WHAT the......"? You honestly cannot remember even taking the photos, or if you do, you hope no one actually begins browsing through your photos because they would instantly think you were either super creepy or batshit crazy?

That's a thing that I just did. And because I know you, my beautiful readers, have a sense of humor almost as awesome as your karate skills, I'm going to allow you to take a peek into to the dark, twisted confines of my iPhone Camera Roll. These are the things that amuse me. I'm not even going to ask you not to judge me; I'd be surprised if you didn't.

Have you ever been within deep introspection, talking through your demons guided by your psychologist and thought, Hey, if we invited the Johnsons and Smiths over and did this exact same thing around a game board, oh, that'd be a hoot! I'm guessing you haven't. But the ad wizards at Pressman were willing to give Therapy: The Game a shot in the market, anyway. I spotted this game at a sidewalk sale outside a used-furniture store and am kind of kicking myself for not buying it on the spot. I'm slightly intrigued by the idea of Therapy: The Game now - who wouldn't be? It's "fascinating fun with a psychological twist!"

At that very same sidewalk sale, Eric fell in love with this glowing portrait of Kennedy brothers John and Robert (can you blame him?). Though the brushwork is incredibly artful, and I don't mean to sound unpatriotic, I told him there's no way we could buy that (no offense, artist Alton Tobey). He sulked for a bit, but then realized it just didn't fit our existing decor. Also, when I first uploaded this picture I completely missed that I'd stuck an Alf stuffed animal to the side of the frame - I think it really adds to the sincerity of the piece.

This photo, I took a couple months ago when stopped in traffic during an apparent rainstorm. I meant to send it to my friend, Kyle, but never did. The driver of the Hyundai ahead of me wanted to ensure no one was under the assumption he was not the biggest fan of Cheap Trick who ever lived. Not only did he go as far as getting a "TRIK FAN" vanity plate, but all three bumper stickers below that plate all profess his love for the band, as well. I bet his car would never be pulled over by the Dream Police (...I'm sorry).

I saw the single greatest event poster ever just a few weeks ago in the ladies' room at one of my neighborhood bars. The happy dog on the right initially caught my eye, but the dogs' juxtaposition against the stained-glass window and the cherubs in the corner really solidified its awesomeness. And what exactly is a "blessing of the dogs???" Apparently I'll never know, because I did not make it to the Immaculate Conception Church on Sunday, October 9th.

When we first moved into our house, we had ants. I mean, tons of ants that were infesting the area under and around our sink. It was gross. Then we found this amazing Terro Ant Killer product, left out the little strips with dots of Terro liquid on it, and our ants were all D-E-D dead in a matter of days! I really do swear by this product - so much so that I took the above photo because I was going to devote an entire blog post to it! You're welcome, readers, for making the better judgement to let that topic go undocumented.... Until now.

And, not that this is weird (maybe it is?), and only because it is adorable: Behold, Sleepy Mr. Pancakes. 

And, there you have it. Some of the most random photos in my iPhone Camera Roll. Sharing these deep, dark secrets with you takes such a great weight off my shoulders - I feel almost as good as I do after a rousing game of Therapy.

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