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Another Friday, Another week of pins. Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

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[This is the second week in a row I've pinned a nursery - no, I don't have baby fever (still slightly horrified of them), but nurseries are just so dang CUTE. Can't I just make one for my cat or something???]

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[I'm really digging this room's bold colors. That lime-green couch is so fun! I also really like the clear coffee table - I've been thinking about finding a similar one for our living room...]

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[Can you believe it? I pinned a rustic kitchen with brick walls, exposed beams and yellow accents? Sigh... I'm so predictable.]

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[See? I told you I was predictable....]

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[I've already got a pretty slammin' recipe for pumpkin mac 'n cheese, but this butternut squash mac 'n cheeze is a new, vegan spin on it - excited to try this one out!]

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[Oh hey, look, another mac 'n cheese pin! What can I say, I can't get enough of the stuff. But this pin swears it's the BEST mac 'n cheese recipe EVER - and the Internet never lies, right? I'd like to find out...]

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[A pumpkin-gingerbread trifle. How pretty would this look on a Thanksgiving? Not to mention, it sounds delicious!]

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[Boot socks! How adorable are these? They'd look awesome over tights, peeking over the top of some cute boots this fall.]

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[How classy, yet comfy does this outfit look? It would definitely work for the office or at night, as well. So pretty!]

Hey, Neat!
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[I can't decide if this is totally awesome or totally creepy. I can't stop staring at it! It's definitely super creative and also pretty hilarious, too.]

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[Did anyone else as a child have Puppy Surprise, or Kitty Surprise for that matter? I had both, and I thought they were awesome at the time. Looking back, however, they were actually incredibly creepy and pretty gross - the mama doggy or kitty had a pouch in its stomach Velcroed shut. When you got the toy, you ripped open the Velcro only to reveal a litter of puppies (or kittens) spilling out. The "surprise" was supposed to be in seeing how many boys or girls you were going to get in the litter. The real surprise to the children, however, is that they've just born witness to their very first live birth. Minus the placenta.]

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  1. I always look forward to your weekly Pin posts. :)

    Is it sad that I want to have another baby just so I can put a barn door up on the wall behind the crib. Oh my gosh - I love that! Also love that first kitchen. I'm predictable too, but never could do clear coffee tables. Wet rings from glasses and fingerprints drive me CRAZY, and I've realized people don't understand the concept of coasters (my hubby included).


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