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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week.

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[I cannot believe a staircase like this exists within a home. It might be the coolest staircase I have ever seen, and life will not be complete until I live in a home with something just like this. This brings "rustic" to a whole new level.]

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[I love this cheery, bright foyer. The paint color is fantastic, and those cascading plates? What a fun, inexpensive way to decorate a wall. I love it all!]

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[It's no secret I love color within a home, but I also love the look of an almost all-white room with little pops of color. This looks like such a happy kitchen!]

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[I've seen a lot of great ideas done with the space underneath a staircase - reading nooks, bookcases, drawers for storage and even a tiny guest nook! But this idea - a play house - takes the cake. Complete with its own shingles, porch light and adorable little window box, this area would be a child's (or 26 year old's!) dream.]

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{As a born-and-raised Ohioan, I know a thing or two about Buckeye candy. In fact, I'm a purist - a peanut-butter ball completely dipped in chocolate is not a Buckeye; a Buckeye is only a Buckeye when that little eye of peanut butter is left open at the top. So even though this is a loose variation of Ohio's favorite treat, I'm going to give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up. These Buckeye cupcakes, my friends, will be exiting my oven and stuffed into my mouth in the near future, you can be sure of that.]

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[I recently declared that mustard and royal blue may have recently dethroned mustard and gray as my new favorite color combination. Not only does this adorable outfit use this color-combo, but every piece of it is swoon-worthy. That necklace! That shirt! Don't even get me started on the pleated skirt. I want all of that, and I want it now.]

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[Oh, silly pandas. You are the second most-adorable creature on Earth (first? Red pandas.]

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[The likeness to "Mythbusters" star Jamie Hyndeman is uncanny.]

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[Chances are, if you are between the ages of 20-35, you realize why this is so funny. And you'd be able to complete the sentence after "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!....."]

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[A cheeseburger bed. A bed in the shape of a cheeseburger. Words cannot express just how badly I need this in my life.]

[I will not let the French Bulldog thing go - not when adorable specimens like this are prancing around.]

[And just when you thought things couldn't get any cuter, you see something like this. Pomeranian + Jack Sparrow = My heart just exploded.]

There are plenty more pins where these came from! To see them all, follow me on Pinterest - I'd love to follow you back!

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  1. Cool stuff! I like the staircase too, but I imagine myself getting dizzy coming down them too fast. :|


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