The Replacement

A couple of months ago, I proudly posted about our hand-crafted table we put in the French room. With some free wood planks picked up from the side of the road, we turned a standard white desk/table to a reclaimed wood dining table. It was a nice project, and we liked the look of the nearly-raw wood. 

But the thing about nearly-raw wood with just a couple thin coats of sealant is that it leaves for a rough, unsteady, splintery finish. While we loved the look and the rustic quality of our handmade table, we realized, in time, it just wasn't practical.

So, we were on the lookout for table replacements for a few weeks. I've always loved the look of the '50s-style Formica tables and accompanying vinyl chairs, so Eric kept his eye out at thrift stores for a good fit. (You know, one that looked just as cute as below)
Pinned Image
After some though, however, we knew that style of table would be a much better fit in our little retro kitchen, and wouldn't work well with what we already had going on in the French room. The wood-topped table was a great, balanced fit with the more sleek, mid-century modern decor in the room, so we decided to go with a similar look.

Enter: The Jackson table from World Market. World Market is having a fantastic 25% off all furniture through November 24th, so we jumped on that great deal and decided on their industrial-style Jackson table. I loved the deep wood finish and the metal legs were a good balance. We ended up purchasing the table for around $250 - a steal as far as dining tables go!

After a minor snafu in actually getting the table home (its box was about one inch too wide to fit into my car to bring home on the first visit, so Eric had to recruit a very nice coworker with an SUV to help haul it a few days later), it's now a great fit in our French room. Please overlook the folding chairs that currently sit there - we're still deciding on which chairs we actually want to purchase for the table, though I love the look of the metal chairs staged with the table on the World Market web site (pictured below) - we'll probably end up going with those.
Jackson Rectangular Table with Metal Base | World Market
The table looks slightly large in the room, but just thinking about having guests over, it will be able to sit six comfortably, possibly even eight. And for a girl who like to host parties and get togethers, that's a huge plus for me.

So, though you know we really love finding furniture for our house at garage sales, thrift stores or even making them on our own, we decided maybe its best to get a sturdier table that won't put splinters in our elbows every time we sit down to eat. I know, I know, hard to please, right??

The next step? Buying those chairs to fit around the table. I think the room will look much more put together once we have some appropriate chairs in place. We said we'd buy some for it waaaaaay back in July, and as you can see we're still rocking the thrift-store folding chairs. Will we have dining room chairs before the year 2012? Only time will tell....


  1. Hi Rachel... I somehow found my way to your blog a few months ago (thru fb I believe), and love following your decorating inspirations! I am cracking up because I recently purchased the Jackson Table for my apartment. It is such an awesome table, yet mine too is sans chairs :-( I look forward to seeing the progress of your home and your cute creative ideas. Great site!

    -Krista M. (past Mackinnon resident)

  2. Thanks for putting these photos up. Table looks great. I looked at the table and metal chairs today. I'm going to go back this weekend and get the table, and four chairs. I really liked the "Jackson cart" too, but that's going to have to wait. I'll post some photos when I get it most definitely.

  3. @Anonymous
    Haha, that's so funny, Krista! I love this table, and especially its price tag! Let me know what kind of chairs you decide on. Why is it so hard to bite the bullet on things you're just going to sit your butt on??

  4. @Rick is not Serious
    Thanks Rick! Apparently the Jackson table is a popular piece! :) Good idea on buying the table AND chairs while they're all 25% off. I'd love to see photos!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think I'm hooked. It's not often I find people from Wisconsin that also use those little white pumpkins (hobby lobby?) as decoration.

  6. I put some photos up of my recently purchased jackson table and chairs. http://rickisnotserious.blogspot.com/2011/11/dining-table-and-hutch.html

    Thanks again for putting your pictures up. Helped me decide to buy it.

  7. I have the opposite problem, I have chairs but no table. I've been on craigslist looking for my dream pedestal table.

  8. Thanks for the post! I was thinking about buying this table and I found you via Google - I think that I am sold now! I was worried that it would be too small but it looks like it will work, now to find chairs!

    Thank you!

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  10. Hi, I actually am looking at getting the same table and was wondering what chairs you settled on to pair with the table?

  11. The table looks great in your room and this can be another idea for me to purchase a similar table for my house. I also agree with you on the raw look of wood furniture that can be quite impressive and a high light in the room. Moreover, it is hand crafted, even more proud to display. However, I guess it’s all coming down to the real use of a furniture, not for decorative purpose only. Thanks for sharing such great photos.

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