The Chair Affair

Taking a break from all the festive Christmas posting, I thought I'd let you in on another example of how patience in home decorating pays off BIG TIME. 

As you might already be aware, the seating situation in our French room has changed a few times in the seven months since we moved into our home. We started our nixing the idea of having a dining table in our house, then decided we'd try and make our own rustic table.

Then, we decided to upgrade to a sturdier, bigger table from World Market.

A nice improvement, but as you can see we were still working with two rickety folding chairs we picked up at a thrift store just so we'd have something to set our butts on while using the table. Not exactly the most stylish option.

Months ago, I'd had my eye on some metal Tabouret stacking chairs for sale at Overtsock.com. As far as pricing for four dining chairs goes, they were relatively inexpensive, at $200 for the set. But I still couldn't bring myself to plunk down two Benjamins for a few chairs. I held off on purchasing the chairs, hoping I'd find them somewhere cheaper. 

And while we were buying our Jackson table from World Market, we were tthhiiiiiiiiisss close at buying the matching set of Jackson chairs to go with it. At the time, furniture was 25% off, so each chair would have been marked down to $82.50 from $110. Not bad, but still a little too much I'd want to pay for a bunch of chairs.

Then, after some aimless online shopping on Cyber Monday a couple weeks ago, I found my way over to Overstock.com and clicked on their furniture deals, just to see what they would have on sale for the day. I was absolutely shocked to see that those metal chairs I'd originally seen and wanted to buy months ago were now on sale for $99 for the entire set of four! They were marked down from the O.co "today's price" of $250 to $99! What a steal!!! Without missing a beat, I clicked "buy." Then, I searched through my e-mail inbox for a $10 off coupon I'd received from Overstock when we moved into our house. So, with my coupon and Overtsock's free shipping and no sales tax policy, all four chairs were mine for $89.95... that's $22.49 per chair! To further prove that I can still somewhat do math (with the help of a calculator), that's nearly 65% off the original price. I could not believe my luck.

So, after waiting only one week from purchase, the chairs were delivered. It's amazing just how much more polished the French room looks with these new chairs.

 The metal on the chairs is just slightly lighter than the metal on the table legs, but you really have to look to even pick out the difference. For less than $23 per chair, I was willing to overlook the difference in shades...
The chairs themselves are great. The sit at the perfect height at our table, and the arms actually fit underneath so the chairs don't have to sit awkwardly around the edges of the table. I actually love that the have arms, too!

I simply cannot believe the amazing deal I pulled on these chairs. I felt bad buying something for ourselves around the holidays, but there was just no way I was going to walk away from such a great sale. They balance out our mid-century/modern rustic French room so well!

And, just for fun, here's a little "can you spot the lazy cat?" photo... Our home's version of Where's Waldo.

P.S. The chairs are "on sale" right now on Overstock for $195.... A far cry from how cheaply I got them, but four dining chairs for under $200 is still nothing to scoff at. So far, the chairs are great - sturdy, comfortable and great looking. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for that industrial dining area look.


  1. Can you tell me total width of table with chairs pushed in as you have shown...do you still love these pieces..Im on the fence about purchasing.
    Thank you :)

    1. Absolutely! With the chairs pushed in, the width is exactly 58 inches. If you get different chairs, however, they may be able to be pushed in all the way. Our chairs, with their sloped arms, stop from allowing the chairs to be pushed in completely under the table (which you can see above). We do still love both the table and chairs! They've held up wonderfully, are sturdy and we still love their minimalistic, industrial style. I'd still recommend both the table and chairs to anyone!


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