Chocolate Christmas Surprise

Today's post isn't so much of a recipe as a "What we do every year with our leftover melted chocolate" sharing. Eric and I used 36 ounces of chocolate chips while making our Buckeyes and Martha Washingtons last weekend, and had just enough melted chocolate left over to carry on what has become one of our favorite holiday traditions: Chocolate Christmas Surprise.

Chocolate Christmas Surprise really lends itself to the maker's creativity. It also lends itself to whatever happens to be in your pantry at the time. There are no mistakes when making Chocolate Christmas Surprise.... only, well, surprises.

First, scour your pantry. What do you have? Pretzels? Potato chips? Nuts? Cereal? Marshmallows? Bacon?

Throw it all in your chocolate!
I highly suggest adding something salty in the mix. Ever since I just wrote the word "bacon" a minute ago, I'm really sad that we didn't think to add bacon to the mix. But we didn't have any on hand... so that would be cheating.

OK, so once you have all your ingredients thoroughly mixed in the chocolate (ours included pretzels, Tasteeos, chopped peanuts, coconut and M&Ms), dump it all out on some wax paper.

Make sure it's obnoxiously festive by adding plenty of Christmas sprinkles.

And then boost it up even further by adding some more Christmas-colored M&Ms.

Let it cool, break it up in chunks, and enjoy.

I promise, there is literally almost no way to screw this up. Unless you add something fancy to the mix. Please keep this as low-brow as possible, folks. 

You wouldn't be the only ones...


  1. Awesome. Last picture was like a walk-off homer for the good guys. Merry Christmas!

  2. He looks just like he did after eating school lunch when he was younger!

  3. Nothing fancy - got it. I'm thinking Ritz crackers & crunchy peanut butter. That low brow enough? Oooh, or maybe graham crackers. Really, the possibilities are endless. Love this idea!


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