A look back and a peek ahead

At the end of last year, I shared 10 things I’d like to do in 2011… I’d list them all here, but I’ll spare you because I basically did none of them…. Or maybe, like two or three. I’m no math major, but that isn’t a high percentage.

In my defense (scraping for excuses here, people), I had a few distractions. There were a handful of things that popped up in 2011 I wasn’t prepared for… but as the year went on, it continually got better.

For instance, and this is something only a very, very small handful of people were ever aware of, throughout the month of January I went through a series of tests and biopsies to determine if I had breast cancer. A lump was discovered, and it was a big one. It was an incredibly scary, emotional experience and I’m so glad that, at the end of it, I was lucky enough to hear the words “You don’t have cancer.” Not everyone gets such happy news at the end of these tests, and I can’t imagine the run of emotions they must feel. I have a whole new perspective on anyone who is diagnosed with any kind of cancer and hope I can go through life without another scare like mine again.

Shortly after my good news, Eric and I found a house listed for sale online that we absolutely loved. We decided not to look further into buying that house, but it did spark our interest into buying a home. And on May 12th, we closed on our cute little house you’ve seen so much on this blog.

The next few months were essentially spent focusing on house projects – giving the kitchen a facelift, going rummaging and thrifting for quirky decorations and going through not one, but two dining room tables. Hold on to your hats, folks, because there’s plenty more going into our home in the coming year.

In October, I went to a whirlwind of baseball games as my Milwaukee Brewers entered the MLB postseason as the National League Central Division champs. Sadly, they didn't make it to the World Series, but it was quite a ride watching them fight their way through!

And finally, the icing on top of a cake that just got sweeter as it went on, the greatest dude I know asked me to be his dudette for life.

Let’s just say 2011 came in like a horrible beast-lion and went out like the happiest little lamb there ever was.

So, let’s just hope 2012 keeps up the awesome streak – I’m not sure how 2011 could be topped, but here are a few ways the next year could continue to be awesome:

  •           For the love of God, finally get that 1:55 half marathon! I missed a PR at my last half by seven seconds, something that was pretty hard to swallow… but it was only three minutes longer than my 1:55 goal, and I’d only been running for nine weeks after a three-plus month hiatus from running at all. So this year, I’m ready to get serious about training and knock my goal out of the water.
  •           Seriously, get a least one article published in a magazine (I said this last year...). I need to start brainstorming article ideas soon and start sending out queries. I’ve got to use that Journalism degree sometime!
  •           New updates to the kitchen. Hello new backsplash and (double hooray!) a dishwasher!!!
  •          Begin plans for finishing the basement. This is going to be a long, drawn out process, but Eric and I are so excited to get started on it.
  •           Plan the coolest wedding there ever was. This is no easy task, but I can’t wait to get seriously planning with the wedding – ideas are floating around in my head and I can’t wait to see them in action.
  •           Get married? Eric and I aren’t sure if the wedding will take place in 2012 or if it will need to be pushed back to 2013. So there’s a big question mark here that will, hopefully, be erased sometime within the next couple of weeks.

So, you know, nothing too big planned for the next year….. But seriously, if only the last two things on my list get accomplished next year, I’ll still be one totally happy lady. If I conquer everything above? Just call me Wonder Woman.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2012? Or are you just forgoing any life changes because the whole world’ going to end anyway?

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