New Year, New Additions

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all rang in 2012 awesomely and safely. I spent my New Year's weekend back in Ohio, celebrating a late Christmas with my family and spending New Year's Eve with some of my oldest friends from back home (and one of their babies!) - it was such a nice few days... it was kind of hard to come back to Wisconsin!

When we did get back, we had the depressing task of taking down all the inside Christmas decorations... down came the tree, the ornaments, the snowmen and pom-pom Christmas trees... our house looked so bare and empty once everything was put away!

So, we spontaneously started on a project that's been on the back burner for a couple months now, no matter how small it is. Remember the dresser and mirror located in our living room? The one we upgraded once already?

Well, for weeks now we've been collecting old frames and quirky prints to create a frame collage around that mirror hanging above the dresser. I wanted to wait to put everything up on the wall until we had a couple more pieces, but after flipping through some pages of my new "bible" we got the itch to start working on it... 

So up it all went!

Everything is thrifted or from Etsy.... such as this cute "Here Comes the Sun" print.

While this quasi-old ladyish 3D piece was found by Eric at a thrift store. The egg-blue color matches our couches so well, and the gold ties in with the dresser and the large mirror, as well. 

And since we have so much love for Milwaukee posted around our house, we thought it was appropriate to show a little love for my home state... Eric gave me this "I Love Ohio" print for Christmas (one of the gifts I opened right before he proposed).

This cute woodland-themed cross-stitch may be my favorite thing on the wall, purchased for only 65 cents at the thrift store.

There's a big gap above the mirror I'd like to fill soon, as well as finding some not-so-rectangular pieces to hang in the mix, too. But even though the wall is only half filled, I already like it way more than the mostly-bare wall we had going on before. These hangings just add so much more life to the living room.
Not bad for a completely spontaneous project tackled after a six-hour drive home from a long weekend away!

I'm so happy we kicked off the year checking something off our 2012 to-do list. the more we get done before I go wedding-crazy (as if I haven't done so already....), the better!

What's on your 2012 to-do list? Is it home related? Fitness related? Career related? All three??

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