Vegan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

I've often said if pigs didn't exist, I could easily go vegetarian. I'm sorry, I know that sounds horrible and I'm totally missing the point of vegetarianism (it's not just about not eating meat, it's about the cruelty behind it), but forgive me - pork is my kryptonite and I just can't get past that beautiful hoggy flavor. However, let's say all pigs got wiped off the face of the Earth (this is not an Earth I ever want to exist in) - I'd be armed with a hoard of amazing vegetarian recipes that would keep me happy, satisfied and possibly not thinking about pork ribs for a few months.

This is one of them.

I'd been craving Mexican food for a while, but not enough to put on real human pants and go out to a real human restaurant where I would have to interact with real humans. I also wanted something a bit healthy this weekend, so I looked over to my fail-proof blog, Oh She Glows, for some inspiration. Angela over at Oh She Glows has never posted a recipe that I've tried and haven't loved. She's got a way with making amazing vegetarian, and often vegan or gluten-free, recipes that are filled with flavor and well-balanced nutrition. I'd remembered I'd seen her recipe for black bean and sweet potato enchiladas a while back, so I searched for it and knew just from the list of ingredients it would be a winner.

I'm not going to post the recipe here, because, aside from adding a few different spices, I followed hers almost exactly as she wrote it. There's no need to deviate.

It was a little labor-intensive with a lot of chopping (and wiping your eyes from onion tears), but just look at the amazing color of the enchilada filling as it's simmering on the stove!

The real kicker in these enchiladas is the amazingly creamy avocado-cilantro sauce. Avocado and cilantro are two of my favorite flavors, and all mixed together in a rich, vegan sauce, it's to die for when slathered over the rolled and cooked enchiladas.

The recipe makes four large enchiladas, with plenty of stuffing left over (I recommend dipping tortilla chips in the leftover mix). Eric and I started out with two on our plates, but after we each ate just one, we were stuffed!

This is one of the best meat-free recipes I've made in recent memory - the enchiladas were perfectly spiced and seasoned, and they were so filling. Simply delicious. If you'd like to make these yourself, as I highly suggest you do, check out the recipe over on Oh She Glows, and look around the rest of her blog for more amazing vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes. To die for!


  1. This looks really good! I might try to make it later this week. I'm not a master in the kitchen but it looks easy enough.

    1. Thanks Sara! It is actually very easy to put together. It's a lot of chopping, but after you get that out of the way, everything is super simple.


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