Happy National (Mr.) Pancakes Day!

Hey you guys! Did you know today, February 28th is National Pancakes Day?
I have no idea where all these "national food days" come from (it seems like it's either national cheeseburger day, national cupcake day or national bacon day at least three times a month), but it seems to me they're just excuses for eating some of the nation's favorite comfort foods (never have I heard of it being National Celery Day).

While I didn't feast on flapjacks of my own this morning (fun fact: I usually eat my pancakes plain OR with chocolate chips if I'm feeling saucy. I think I've only had maple syrup on pancakes about three times in my life, much to Eric's embarrassment/dismay), I do have a very fluffy feline at home who couldn't be more excited there's a whole day dedicated just to his namesake.

Fun facts about our favorite little guy:

We thought of the name "Mr. Pancakes" long before we had a cat. When we logged on to the Wisconsin Humane Society's web site one day and saw the above picture, we KNEW this had to be our little Mr. Pancakes. When we got to the humane society, imagine our surprise when his "name" there was already Mr. Goodbar! He's been a very formal fellow from the start.

Mr. Pancakes is also quite the model. Almost every time he sees the camera out, he must get in front of it. He even makes sure to strike a pose (or 12) just so you can get all his best angles. He's such a diva.

He also loves empty boxes. It doesn't matter if they're gigantic or only big enough to fit two paws in. No later than 15 seconds after we place an empty box on the floor, he's in it (or attempting to get in it).

Perhaps Mr. Pancakes's most impressive quality is that he plays fetch. Just like a dog. And it's his favorite game. His favorite object to fetch is a rubber band (we've got plenty of them strewn about our house for impromptu fetch sessions). You throw it, he sprints over, and prances back to you with it dangling from his mouth before politely dropping it at your feet. You throw again. After about 10 minutes of fetch, he's completely pooped, and then finds a nice, cozy spot where he can curl up and look dead for a couple hours.

So, in honor of National (Mr.) Pancakes Day, I plan on playing plenty of fetch with the little guy, and maybe he'll even get a couple of his favorite treats and a perfectly-sized cardboard box on his special day.

Happy National Pancakes Day, everyone! 


  1. Dang, I wish I would have known it was National Pancakes Day. I thought it was National Eat-All-The-Chips-and-Salsa-You-Can-at-Lunchtime Day. :|

    1. Mike, EVERY day is National Eat-All-The-Chips-and-Salsa-You-Can-at-Lunchtime day! Happy stomachache to you, sir! :)

  2. I think I'm in love with Mr. Pancakes.


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