Round Two

Well, it's official: On May 5th I'll be headed back to Kenosha for the Wisconsin half marathon for the second year in a row! I absolutely loved this race last year - the course is fast, pretty and who wouldn't love the post-race brats, beer and polka music? At the finish of last year's race, I felt strong and happier than I ever had in any other race I've run, despite missing a personal record (PR) by seven measly seconds. I also loved that I was able to see Eric cheering me on along the course three different times (in Chicago, I only saw him once!), and each time I saw him I just got an incredibly boost of energy. He's already said he's looking forward to a doughnut and coffee at a little shop along the course while waiting for me to pass. Reach for the stars, Eric!

So, now that I'm registered, training officially starts next week! Hello long runs and speed work (oh joy), goodbye P90X. I'm going to try my hardest to continue to get at least two days of strength training in a week, but sometimes training for a race doesn't allow for building fitness in other areas. Oh well, I am DETERMINED to get my PR that alluded me last year, in fact, I hope to crush it. But in the end, I really just hope I feel as great as I did after running the half last year; running 13.1 miles and feeling like you've got energy to spare is a mental win - and sometimes those are the ones I need the most.

Are you signed up for any races this year? Running, biking, swimming.... maybe all three? What was your best race experience?


  1. Those stars I will be reaching for are in the form of a cinnamon roll, not a doughnut!

    1. But what if you had a cinnamon roll AND a doughnut?? I bet I'd run TWICE AS FAST!! Take one for the team here, Beyonce.

  2. I wanted to sign up for the Chicago marathon this year but a bun in the oven sidetracked those plans :-) my best race experience was my first 1/2 which was rock n roll Chicago. I ran it with my sister and we finished together. It was pretty awesome.

  3. Yay! I love that race! Looking forward to seeing you there. :)


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