Warm fuzzies

I've made no secrets about how I'm hopelessly smitten with the ultra-popular chevron pattern at this point. You all know it. I know it. I know it may be becoming a problem - I want absolutely anything that comes in chevron print. Anything. Even this.

For a while now, I've been checking out the blankets section at local thrift stores to find one of those old zig-zag crocheted afghans that grandmas always seem to have tucked away in a closet somewhere, or draped across the back of a cushy chair. Isn't it funny how apparently, out of nowhere, my decorating style is less 20-something-childless girl and more 80-year-old grandma? Ah, such is life.

Anyway, there is always one of these zig-zag afghans at any thrift store I visit. I teeter back and forth on if I really want it, then ultimately decide the colors aren't right, or the blanket it too pilled or the person who last touched this blanket is most definitely dead, and do I really want to cozy up with a dead person's blanket as I catch up on a couple episodes of "My Cat From Hell" ummm.... some kind of awesome, totally hip show that is most definitely not about cats?

I digress.

The other day, I stumbled upon a new Etsy shop specializing in vintage home goods called Wind and Water Co, which happens to be based out of, where else?, Milwaukee! The very first image I saw on their shop was the most adorable, candy-colored zig-zag blanket - the exact one I'd painted a picture of in my head weeks ago, and one that didn't seem like it got lost on the way to the grave of its latest owner. I bought it almost as soon as I saw it, and was happy to not only have my new blanket, but also support a local online shop.

A few hours after my purchase, I'd noticed the shop owner had messaged me, saying they'd seen I live in Bay View, which is very close to their location. The owner offered to hand-deliver the blanket to my home and, in turn, refund my shipping charge ($6) I'd already paid. Wow, I was blown away by such a nice gesture! I wrote back saying I'd really appreciate that, and they were quick to respond, coordinating a time and where to drop of the blanket. You guys, I love Etsy and have never had a bad experience with a shop's owner, but Wind and Water Co really knocked me out with how kind they were. The next day, I received a tweet saying the blanket had just been dropped off at my house - seriously you guys, talk about customer service! 

As soon as I opened it, I knew exactly where to put it.

Its bright colors and vintage aesthetic works perfectly in... where else? The French room.

Of course, like anything new we bring into the house, Mr. Pancakes had to give his opinion on it.... especially if it's going to take residence in one of his very favorite napping spots.
 His verdict? Comfy, cozy, perfect for cat naps.

The blanket really dresses up the mid-century chair in the corner of the room, and brings out the little pops of orange and green we've got going on in the room. Perfect!

I'm so glad I was finally able to nail down such an adorable blanket, and support local retailers while at it!

The Wind and Water Co shop is still new (I was their second purchaser!), but it's already filled with the cutest vintage pieces (at great prices!). Check it out for yourself. If someone doesn't buy this antique brass bird dish sometime soon, I'm going to. In fact, please don't buy it. I want that.

Please be aware I have not been compensated by Wind and Water Co whatsoever - I was just incredibly happy with my purchase and I like to give a little love to local shops who provide great attention to their customers. I wish them the best of luck in their new Etsy endeavor!

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