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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week....

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup
[I've had Thai food on the brain lately, so I pinned this coconut-curry chicken soup the instant I saw it. Sure, it may not feel like perfect soup weather as it's 45 degrees in February, but once the temperatures drop back down, I'll be trying my hand at this.]

The fluffiest, chewiest, most amazing chocolate chip cookies I've ever had--all thanks to a very surprising ingredient
[As if I didn't already get my chocolate-chip cookie fix for the week, this recipe jumped out at me. The reason why? It promises the fluffiest, softest cookie ever, all thanks to one surprising ingredient: cornstarch! I'm curious about this one.]

Target, Jason Wu line <3
[Sunday marks a very important day to many people across the country. Yeah, yeah, sure the Super Bowl is happening, but more importantly (in this girl's mind): The Jason Wu line launches at Target! When Missoni launched it's Target line back in September, it caused pandemonium at stores... I plan to brave the hoards of stylish, frugal ladies this Sunday to score some of Wu's absolutely adorable styles (cross your fingers I make it out alive!). Target, you do NO wrong.]

Love these sailor knot bracelets!
[It looks like the nautical trend is going to be big this spring/summer - and I'm totally on board (ugh, pun not intended). These adorable sailor knot bracelets are so cute - and check out their anchor clasps!]

love color combination
[I love the color combination on these Anthropologie earrings. They're so simple, but so pretty.]

get the boot sock look without the bulk
[I love the boots-peeking-out-of-socks look, but hate trying to squeeze my jeans into said socks. With this brilliant innovation, there's no uncomfortable bunching issue! Brilliant.]

This cardigan. Oh my.
[This is such a delicate, beautiful cardigan - I absolutely love the detail - it kind of reminds me of a (super chic) doily!]

Vintage radio rewired to work with modern technology
[I kind of have a crush on retro radios and clocks. This radio would look fantastic in our living room - and a bonus? It's totally modernized so you can hook it up to your iPod. Awesome!] 

Chevron Spoons
[I also have a crush on anything chevron - but that's not news to you. These little chevron spoons are crazy adorable - they'd make any strawberry sundae an even happier treat!]

Website that sells mason jars on the cheap
[Yes, mason jars are all over the wedding circuit, but god help me I love them, too. This site offers mason jars on the cheap - although the jars are plain (the don't actually have the word "mason jar" on them), if you wrap them in pretty ribbon or burlap, no one would ever be the wiser :)]

This would smell so good
#Rosemary #Boutonniere
[I've seen a few boutonnieres and bouquets using herbs as filler. I LOVE this idea. Just think how great these boutonnieres with rosemary smell!]  

Ahhh I wish we could have a lemonade stand at our wedding!
[I went head-over-heels over this wedding featured on The Wedding Chicks. I love the color palette, and it was held at a lemon farm, which made this insanely cute home-built lemonade stand dessert table all the more precious.] 

random facts on napkins
[Since we first got engaged (you know, a whole six weeks ago), Eric and I have loved the idea of somehow incorporating little snippets of details and fun facts about ourselves and our specific details around our reception site. Maybe no one would care about our little snippets, but every detail of our wedding is going to have meaning behind it, and we'd like to explain what that meaning is! These "fun fact" napkins are such a good way to share more info about a couple on their big day - and they'd be a great conversation starter around the dinner table (or the bar!).]

Cool arrangement
[I'm so happy our reception venue has some gorgeous beams hanging across the room - perfect for adding some above-the-head visual interest! I love this grouping of  lanterns and paper pom poms of various sizes - a great mix of texture!]

There's plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest. I'd love to see what you pin, too!

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