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Another Friday, another week of pins. Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Origami party decor, via Yellow Brick Home
[These origami garlands were created as decoration for a birthday party, but how fun would they be left up around the house for a pop of pizzazz? (Moms, wouldn't these make a great addition to kids' rooms or nurseries?)

[This dress puts a twist, quite literally, on the classic shift. I love where it's gathered, and that kelly green color is beautiful.]

Office dress. <3
[Another fun spin on the classic shift dress - I love the asymmetrical cowl neck on this one. I love the structured dress with a little something different up top.]

[My style pins have been so work-appropriate this week! This combo is absolutely perfect from head to toe. I think with that embellished tank, I'd go with a more plain cardigan, but either way those colors pair so well together and that skirt is fantastic.] 

Red velvet cheesecake. Yes please.
[Just in time for Valentine's Day, this red-velvet cheesecake looks absolutely incredible. Apparently it is a knock-off of the Cheesecake Factory's version of the cake... and although I've never had their's, I guarantee it'd put me in the happiest food coma ever.]

Double decker peanut butter fudge
[When you've got a hankerin' for fudge, but can't choose between peanut butter and chocolate (let's be honest, how could you choose?), why not have both? This double-decker peanut butter fudge makes decision making easy.]

Bridesmaids dress (but, uh, way less expensive)
[I am crazy over this bridesmaids dress from Watters. However, I would never make my girls pay $270 for one of these dresses. I think this cut is super flattering and I love the use of a fun pattern, rather than one solid color. This dress is great inspiration to find something similar for (much, much) cheaper.] 

That backdrop = the bomb
[I'm totally crazy over this whole wedding. The bride is absolutely stunning, and their fun, colorful details are just so cute. It almost looks like a photoshoot, but I promise it's real!] 

What an adorable dessert table!
This dessert table was also a part of the wedding above. I love the color palette and the mix of pies and cakes. (We're not doing the traditional wedding cake, either)]

a fun, bright bouquet
[It seems I had bright colors on the mind this week, because I fell in love with this super-bright, fun bouquet, as well! I really need to make up my mind between soft, muted pastels and super-wild, bright colors. Help!]

Wow. Beyond in love with this couple's entire wedding. So adorable.
[This week, in my "OHMIGOSH I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS STRANGER'S WEDDING," it's a toss-up between the one above and the one detailed here. Holy incredible details. It's so sweet, so small but packed with so many incredible, non-traditional ideas. So amazing.]

so important
And finally. Yes, reach for the stars, little fella.

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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