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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

This DIY diamond wall pattern is amazing
[I love the three-dimensional pattern of this accent wall. It makes such a bold statement, and looks fairly easy to DIY, as well!]

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's kitchen. I didn't think it was possible to love them even more... but this makes it so.
[Recently perusing Architectural Digest online (are you impressed, yet?), I stumbled across some celebrity kitchens, and absolutely loved the upscale, organic rusticness of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's. If I didn't  love them enough already, I do even more so now.]

Who would've guessed this is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's kitchen? Love the brightness and openness.
[When you think of the Godfather of Heavy Metal, I bet you don't envision a color palette of robin's egg blue surrounded by a crisp sea of white. But this actually happens to be Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's kitchen, and I absolutely love it. Open, bright and those stools are just so cool.]

love red dresses
[I absolutely love this dress - the fiery color, the flattering pleats, the sweet little cap sleeves. Gorgeous all around.] 

So pretty and light
[I'm a week late on the Valentine's Day colors, but apparently I've got red and pink dresses on the brain! This one is so pretty and soft - and you know I love anything in lace!]

pretty shoulder detail
[Here's another pretty blush-colored dress. That shoulder detail is so cute - and wouldn't it make for such a sweet bridesmaids dress?]

I am obsessed.
[I don't know how to even describe this dress, except for: insane.... Insane in a very, very good way. Incredibly beautiful.]

mustard yellow
[These little mustard gems are so perfectly retro. They'd go so well with any summer dress, and I love the tiniest bit of peep toe they offer.] 

Top left and bottom right: First look after hiding behind a bunch of balloons
[As it stands now, Eric and I think we'll have to see each other before the ceremony. Not something we're super crazy about, but logistically it will make sense and will give us time to get all our photos we want. So if we're going to have to see each other before the ceremony, we figure we should get an incredibly cute "first look" moment out of it. I love the idea in the top left and bottom right of the photo grouping above of hiding behind a large grouping of balloons, and then letting them go to reveal the first look.]

Can we have a ferris wheel at our wedding just for this shot???
[This may just be my most re-pinned pin I've ever had. And can't you see why? This couple had an incredible carnival-themed wedding, and were able to get this amazing photo from the top of a Ferris wheel. I'm a little inspired now to have our engagement photos at my hometown county fair...]

Awesomest escort-card idea ever.
[This is one of the most creative escort card displays I've seen. A giant photo of the couple, dissected into little cards with everyone's name and table number on each. VERY cool.] 

fun idea
[I really like this idea - a fun way to get your guests involved and to give them a chance to hear their favorite song to boogie down to! We're heavily influenced by music, and our wedding will be as well. Our goal at the reception is to have the dance floor full the entire time, and this would help things along!]

This is what has been living in my head for two months.
[I've got a very similar idea to this for the tables at our reception. One or two buds of peony, garden rose or fluffy hydrangea in a small bud vase. I love the variety in color here, too!] 
wedding flowers by season guide
[Speaking of flowers, buying whatever's in season is a huge moneysaver in the long run, and this chart is super helpful in figuring out what will be in season when you tie the knot. Luckily for me, some of my favorite flowers (peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, etc.) just happen to be in-season for our spring wedding. Score!]

Printstagram - where they print pics from, you guessed it, Instagram
[You guys, we all love Instagram. It makes us feel artsy when taking pictures on our smartphones when all we're doing is hitting a button to activate a filter. But those pictures... soooo preetttyyyy. Have you ever wanted to get your hands on them, you know, NOT on your phone? Send them to Printstagram and they'll print 'em out for you. Sure to dress up gallery walls for hipsters everywhere.] 

There are more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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