Call Me Snapdragon

Hey everyone - I just wanted to pop in and do a little shameless self-promotion... after all, isn't that what blogging is all about?

I know some of you have been into following along with the budding stages of Eric and my wedding planning and enjoying my updates (well.... at least saying you enjoy them to my face). While I'll be checking in right here in my lovely home with big wedding updates throughout the planning process, I'm happy to announce I'll be sharing all the nitty gritty little details over on BridalBuds.com.
Bridal Buds is a community blog following a handful of brides-to-be (and many post-wedding brides) as they plan their big days. As Snapdragon Bud (my blogger moniker on the site), I'll be checking in a couple of times a week to share big vendor news, our planning trials and triumphs and will be sharing all the little DIY details you know I'll be tackling over the next 13+ months. Bridal Buds is a part of the Wedding Wire network, which, if you're planning a wedding, is the source for discovering great local vendors and super-helpful vendor reviews.

Check out my first post here ("Meet the New Bridal Bud!"... so y'all probably know everything I've included in this introductory post), and keep looking for updates from Snapdragon bud (why Snapdragon? I was given a list of different flowers to choose as my user name, and Snapdragons are pretty rad...also it sounded way cooler than "Pansy Bud"... plus, I'd like to use Snapdragons in our reception decor, if possible!). 

Don't worry - I'm Loving Today isn't going anywhere;  I'll keep up my regular blogging schedule as you know and love tolerate it right here. But if you're just crazy enough to follow all the super in-depth wedding biznass, my Bridal Buds posts such satiate your thirst for aaallllllll the details.

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