I've got nothing... but red pandas

You guys, I've got nothing for you today. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I feel terrible that I don't have a new house update or wedding project or recipe to share with you all, but things have been a little hectic in the past week so you'll just have to cut me a little slack today. Pllleeeaaasseee?

So, in order to make up for my lack of a pertinent topic today, I present you with something waaaaaaayyyy better than I could ever write here on this little ol' blog.

Gang, I give you: A bunch of videos of red pandas playing with stuff.

Red Panda playing in the snow with a pumpkin.

Baby red pandas being generally adorable.

Red pandas really like playing in snow.

Baby red panda learning to climb.

And finally, a red panda trying to jump.

Disclaimer: I'm Loving Today is not responsible for those who have just died of cuteness. 

Let's be honest, y'all would probably like this blogger better if I strictly posted videos of red pandas playing, right? It's OK, I don't blame you!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, I know! There's nothing I could ever do, make or write that can top this one. I should just stop right now.


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