Mother Nature: Girl You Crazy

I know I've talked a lot about the insane weather this "winter," but on March 13th in Wisconsin, when I can run outside in a t-shirt and shorts and still feel warm, it's worth shouting from the rooftops.

What's more, thanks to crazy cuckoo Mother Nature, and a thunderstorm yesterday followed by warm sunshine, our yard is not only looking green, but look what else is making an early appearance!

The tulips in our backyard are already sprouting! I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of the week, those puppies are almost fully bloomed. I wanted to keep my eye on our perennials this spring to see when certain flowers would be blooming by our wedding date next May (hey, I'll take any free flowers I can get!), but I have a feeling this spring might not be the best example of typical blooming seasons. I mean, tomorrow is supposed to be 75 degrees here in Milwaukee. That's just not normal, folks.

With all this gorgeous weather I'm really itching to get working outside. Eric has already done a little yard work, raking up dead branches, pine needles and plants from around the house, but the biggest thing on my mind right now is this year's garden.

You see, last year I got a late start to the garden, and I admittedly had no idea what I was doing. This year, I'm excited to properly sketch out a garden plot, properly mark all seeds and sections, and plan a little better so the entire garden isn't overwhelmed with cucumbers and surprise watermelons, of all things.This year, I'll be introducing a couple new veggies to the mix, but I'll share that when the time is right.

I'll hold for for a few more weeks to actually get the whole garden started, but right now is the perfect time to plan!

Do you sketch a plan for your garden each year? What outdoor hobby are you most excited about doing this spring?


  1. I think those are crocus, not tulips, that you have coming up. Very pretty!

    1. Ah, dang. I do not know my flowerlings. I know we've got tulips out in that same area, so that's what I thought these were! Regardless: flowers! In March!


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