Our Prickly Pair

I mentioned our spontaneous trip to Home Depot last weekend, which lead to our spontaneous day of yard work, but I never mentioned our spontaneous little purchases of a couple spiny little buddies to add to our home!
Killer cacti!

Well, I wouldn't call them straight-up "killer," more like just killer cute! We were walking through Home Depot on our way to load up on mulch, when I saw the prettiest display of colorful, prickly cacti and I just had to have a couple of my own. I picked out  the pretty pair, along with a couple colorful pots to place them in.

When I got them home, I just set them on our floor cabinet in the kitchen for the time being, then Eric and I both agreed they actually look pretty great there - plus, that is a place our curious little cat never goes, so we wouldn't have to worry about him poking his eye out or hurting himself around our spiky new friends.

They add a fun, bright vibe to the kitchen - perfect for this gorgeous, warm week we've been having.

The best part about these houseplants? I probably won't manage to kill them! As long as you don't over water them, they're super easy to care for. Perfect!

P.S. Whenever I say (or type) the word "cacti" I can't help but think of this theme song and its very last line. "Watch out for those man-eating jackrabbits!"

We've got our very own desert right in our little Wisconsin kitchen. Do you have any cacti at home? Any experience with live cacti outdoors?


  1. Cacti - unconditional love - just don't hug them and don't let them freeze. You'll have friends for life. Have quite a few - including my fave, the old man cactus with its super cool white beard.

  2. They look so fun next to your chalkboard. I don't own and cacti, or any plants for that matter as I kill all plants. However, you've inspired me. Might have to pick up some prickly friends of my own. :)


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