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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

love the DIY pop of color on this vintage industrial cabinet. I need one of these!
[I think you all know I'm a big fan of the industrial look, and this old metal locker caught my eye instantly with its bright, yellow numbers.] 

Woven, chevron chair cushion - awesome!
[This awesome friendship-bracelet-inspired chair cushion would not only dress up any ol' wooden chair around the house, it'd also give you something comfy to sit on! Bonus points for the chevron pattern AND Milwaukee brewers' colors :)]

yellow ottoman from Target.... ooohhh this definitely could be a winner!
[We've been tossing around the idea of bringing in a new coffee table to our living room. Eric's big on the whole ottoman-as-a-coffee-table idea, but, I mean, where would we ever eat our dinners without having a coffee table to hunch over??? When I saw this big, yellow ottoman (from Target!), I knew it'd be perfect for the living room. Eric loved it instantly, and now we just have to figure out if we can justify shelling out $300+ for it...] 

OBSESSED with Giuliana Rancic's Oscars dress
[By far my favorite dress at the Oscar's was E! News host Giuliana Rancic's. Goodness gracious it's positively stunning. The shoulder detail, the shimmering bodice. Just gorgeous. And please do yourself a favor and check out the back, which makes the whole shebang even more stunning.]

Royal Juicy Print Dress  by Juicy Couture
[Because my obsession with the color yellow is going nowhere soon, this fun little dress just had to be pinned. Casual and fun.] 

[I am in love with this adorable little dress. Kate Spade does the cute, preppy look absolutely perfectly.]

Carnival photo gift set: Turquoise Carnival by elgarboart
[I don't think my infatuation with the whole carnival thing has gone anywhere, because I fell in love with this colorful carnival print on Etsy. I can smell the cotton candy just looking at it!]

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts
[An iPhone has the capability to do so many things (did you know you could use it to actually call people on their phones and talk to them in real time? I know, CRAZY!), but a lot of its functionality is lost on its users. This handy little guide gives you some lesser-known features to make your life a whole lot easier.]  

As a girl who LOVES color... I am OBSESSED with this set up....
[Last week, I shared how my Ferris-wheel wedding photo was probably my most re-pinned pin. Well, if it didn't get more, this bright, awesome wedding decor definitely came close. And can't you see why? Those colorful ribbons and fun pom poms totally transform the interior at this barn wedding. And who knew Chivari chairs came in electric blue? I am C-R-A-Z-Y over this wedding set up!] 

This photo was taken on a hill right outside our venue! So cute.
Another cute photo from a wedding at our venue.
[Not only are these pictures beautiful, but they were taken right outside of our wedding venue! I hate to be a copier, but these shots are almost too cute to not recreate.]

Engagement shoot (of a couple I've met, briefly) in Koppa's, the corner market by my old apartment! LOVE!
[On the same local-wedding-pic theme, these engagement photos were taken at a little market Eric and I used to live around the corner from in our old apartment. We LOVED that market and its quirky, vintage vibe (you can play Atari while waiting for sandwiches at the deli). These engagement shots are fun, different AND I've actually met this couple (briefly). Fantastic!] 

Doesn't need to be Valentine's Day for a big bunch of heart-shaped balloons to capture your heart! Photography by mirandalainephoto...
[I've got a couple little ideas about incorporating balloons into our wedding (in a non-5-year-old-birthday-party way), and I love this big gathering of heart balloons. So sweet!]

Who wants to give me $7,000 for this Kenneth Pool Estelle dress??? Drool...
[OK, I know I said I wouldn't be sharing wedding dresses on my weekly pins (if you'd like to see what dresses I HAVE pinned, you can see them here), but this gorgeous gown by Kenneth Pool is a pricey one at $7,000 and I can assure you I'd never spend that much on my dress. But a girl can dream about scalloped, fish-scale detail around the skirt, right?]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see all my pins all week long, follow me on Pinterest!


  1. In lieu of the $300 Target ottoman, you could attempt to make your own:

    1. Thank you! I actually have this exact link pinned on Pinterest already! :) Contemplating tackling this project in the future...


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