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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

  Refinished, restructured card catalog. LOVE.

[I'm not shy about sharing my major crush on library card catalogs. And while I like them in their natural state, I am crazy over this card catalog that's been repurposed, reconfigured and refinished. It's absolutely striking.] 

Make cake flowers out of Fruit Roll Ups 

[Confession: I love Fruit Roll Ups. There was always a box of Fruit Rolls of in our pantry growing up, and I've never really outgrown them, although I very, very rarely eat them. These Fruit Rolls Ups have been prettified into colorful cake flowers - I would have never thought to do this myself!] 

Amazing pineapple flowers - DIY 
[In other dessert-decoration pins, I'm floored by these beautiful easy-to-make pineapple flower garnishes. What a simple way to make a cupcake look fancy!] 

So pretty. 

[These t-strap heels are the essence of pretty. To me, they look lavender, but on they're listed as "pewter" - whatever they're color, they'd spiff up your tootsies quite nicely.]

so freaking cute. 
[Talk about a perfect summertime dress! This one's is laid-back enough for the beach or could be dressed up with the right accessories. Summer, get here now!] 

The Red Queen Dress | from Shabby Apple $88 
[I've been pretty keen on the scallop trend in dresses and skirts, lately There's just something to pretty and flattering about them. It's no different with this gorgeous red number - incredibly chic.] 

j.crew factory schuyler candy wrap dress 
[Speaking of perfect summer dresses, here's one too! I love the different orientations of the stripes - and I love the use of mixed widths of stripes and color.]

Pretty floral 
[I don't know if I'm one of those people who can pull of the full floral look without resembling a grandmother or tablecloth, but I'm a big fan of this look - especially paired with light jeans!]

I WANT THIS SO BAD. (Illustrated Milwaukee map) 

[This is just the raddest of rad. An illustrated poster of my favorite city in the world and some of its landmarks. You have no idea how badly I want this...]

FREE.retro feel alphabet flashcard printables! 
[I love old flashcards, and these are pretty, cutely illustrated and, best of all, available to download for free! I just may have to print me out a few of these to put up around the house.]

LOVE this wedding's super-chic design elements incorporated throughout. 

[This is one of the best-detailed, wonderfully cool weddings I've seen. It's obvious this is the wedding of a talented graphic designer - the little details and perfect font is tied through every detail.]

I really want a s'mores bar!!! 
[You all know why s'mores are important to us, and I would absolutely love to have a s'mores bar at our wedding. Though, I don't think our building will allow the open flame.... but seriously, what a fun dessert feature!]

Adorable invitation suite. 
[I love this crazy-cute invitation suite. Designed by a groom who owns his own printing shop, they're so just personal and fun. Who needs stuff script-font invites, anyway?!] 

The flowers at this wedding are unreal. Beautiful! 
[I swooned over the entire wedding (you will, too), but the flowers they had there were OFF THE CHAIN. The pretty sherbet colors, the fluffy dahlias and peonies - these are the flowers I dream of!]

kitty snugs 

[Kitty snugs! If this doesn't just melt your heart, it's safe to say you're made of stone.]

tubby puppy 
[...Same goes for this tubby puppy belly! If you don't smile even the slightest at this photo, are you even human???]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.]


  1. I always love the pup pics, and you've got to do the s'mores bar. That is awesome.

    I'll take the perfect summertime dress and one pineapple flower garnish, thank you. :)

  2. Rachel,
    I just went shopping on Spool No. 72. When CD gets the bill, mind if I blame you? ;)

    1. Oh don't worry, I think I'll be doing plenty of shopping there, too... now that I know they have the most adorable dresses ever! We'll be sharing the doghouse after both our bills come in :)


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