One Shining Moment

I'm just coming off the heels of a whirlwind week; my birthday is exciting in itself, but last weekend was devoted to baseball - more specifically, the Milwaukee Brewers' Opening Weekend!

It was my fourth consecutive Opening Day appearance in just under four years of living in Milwaukee, and it was, as always, definitely a fun time. Although the Brewers didn't fare so well (freakin' Cardinals...), how could I have not enjoyed myself with this amazingly delicious chocolate-peanut-butter treat decorated in honor of my birthday?? This thing was amazing - imagine a Rice Krispie Treat topped with peanut butter and a thick layer of chocolate. I was in heaven. Thank you, Abby! :) 

Much like last year, we followed up Opening Day with a visit back to Miller Park on Sunday for our second-annual Easter celebration at the ballpark. And although there was no John Axford bobblehead to share Easter candy with, you better believe I brought some goodies from my basket to snack on during the game.

But just when you thought celebrating Easter and gorging yourself on sugary snacks was good enough, just before the game, Eric and I were plucked from obscurity to become stars of the game!

Well, OK, maybe just stars in our minds, but we were asked to be participants in a couple of the sponsored games they play during inning breaks and broadcast over the Jumbotron!

Eric was up first at the second inning half and was chosen to play "Know Your Brewers," a trivia game where a fan is asked an arbitrary question about one of the players. Eric's question was "What is Mat Gamel's [our new first baseman] favorite ballpark concession?" With a multiple choice between peanuts, pretzels or cotton candy, Eric pondered for a moment and responded with "Mat Gamel is definitely a soft pretzel kind of guy..."

WRONG!!! Womp, womp..... The correct answer was peanuts. The entire ballpark groaned.

Eric took it like a champ, tipped his imaginary hat to the crowd, accepted his consolation prize of 77 2012 season baseball cards, and hopped off the Brewers dugout.

I was up shortly after, at the end of the second inning!
My game was the Match Game. Just like that game you'd play as a kid where you have a few rows of cards, all with pictures on one side, and you flip them over trying to match them up by memory. I was given 20 seconds to try and match all the cards. It was a lot of pressure!

BUT I'll let you see the outcome for yourself!

[If you can't watch the video right now, you're missing out on quite a triumph - I matched all cards correctly and still had seven seconds to spare! It was my shining moment in the sun, and the whole ballpark cheered as I won. I had a blast up there in my 20 seconds of fame!]

So, what did I win? A high-five from one of the interns and, yes, another 77 baseball cards. That's right, my prize for winning such a stressful, brain-busting game was the exact same as Eric's consolation gift for incorrectly choosing a player's "favorite ballpark snack." What a rip! 

Regardless of the "prize," I still had a blast on the big screen. And as we were walking back to our seats, I even got "recognized" as "the girl who just won the game!" How fun. We won't talk about the rest of the game, because there's nothing else to report on that note, but all that matters is Eric and I were STARS.... stars, I tell ya!

Have you ever been on the Jumbotron at a major sporting event? I know it's corny, but I laugh every. single. time. they close up on two members of the opposing team during "Kiss Cam" segments.

Hope you all had a splendid Easter!


  1. I've never been on a jumbotron. My head's too big. It won't fit.

  2. To Eric's credit, you did get one wrong.

  3. Can't believe you both got baseball cards! Oh well, at least you had Whoppers on hand. Whoppers make everything all better. :)


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