YAY! I Heart Flags

Today marks exactly 13 months until our wedding! Yes, yes - I know... that's still a loooong time before the big day. But the last four months have flown by and I'm sure before I know it the wedding will be two weeks away and I'll be curled up in a corner somewhere freaking out because I still have so much to do. Such is the experience of a DIY bride. Or so I've been warned.

Behind the scenes, Eric and I are chipping away at booking our vendors and making good progress. But, as a visual girl (and one who realizes how much work is ahead of her), I wanted to get cracking on something more tangible for the wedding. But something I knew I wouldn't change my mind on in the next year. One of the first details I knew I wanted was to provide each guest a cute little flag at the ceremony to wave after Eric and I are pronounced husband and wife as we walk down the aisle. I'd seen the idea for "YAY" flags online and thought it was so sweet and fun - a definite must for the ceremony! In all my excitement, I purchased the materials back in the beginning of March.

I contemplated sewing and assembling the flags myself, but when I crunched the numbers and thought about the actual work time I'd put in to them, I decided to buy pre-made flags. Luckily, the Oriental Trading Company had the exact-size blank flags I was looking for for super cheap. And for the "YAY," I decided to use a custom-made plastic stencil I ordered for about $5 at JustStencils.com.

YAY, indeed. Except, when I put the stencil on top of the flag, it was about half an inch wide on both sides. I was a little miffed, because I customized the stencil online so it would fit the canvas flag perfectly, but it came to me just a bit bigger than I would've liked. So, I took matters into my own hands and did a little.... editing.

Meet my ultra-jacked-up, but perfectly sized stencil.... held together by painters tape.

You know me - only the classiest, folks.

I started off with yellow acrylic paint, stenciling it on with a thin foam brush. 

After about 15 YAY flags were painted, I realized I wanted a little variety in these flags. I didn't necessarily want to make another word (I wasn't entirely sure I could fit another word on the flags besides simple, three-letter YAY), so I decided on something a little more graphic: A big ol' heart stamp!

I went to Michael's in search of a large heart stamp, but couldn't find anything remotely right at three different locations. Again, I took matters into my own hands and decided to create my own heart stamp.

I purchased a 69-cent wooden heart block for the stamp base.

Then bought a sheet of red foam for something like 30 cents and cut out a big heart from it. I glued it all together with super tacky craft glue.

It made for the perfect-size stamp. To make things a bit less sloppy, I painted the paint onto the stamp with a foam brush for a light coating (I used both pink and turquoise) and pressed the stamp onto the canvas flags - the stamp gives the hearts a nice, rustic, not-perfectly-painted look... which is just what I was going for.

I love the yellow, pink and turquoise colors together! Right away, guests should catch the vibe that this is a fun, relaxed, not-at-all stuffy affair.

I'm only about 1/3 of the way through making these flags, but I'm thinking I'll make 2/3 of them the YAY flags, with the other third as hearts. I'll probably change up my next 15 YAY flags with a different color, as well. I can't wait to see them in action! Hopefully it will make a great photo op, with everyone waving their flags as we walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Or, at the very least, I just hope our guests will actually wave their flags to begin with!

P.S. Did you catch how I used one of the pink hearts to dress up the new shelf in our guest room? Who says wedding decorations can only be used for the event itself?!


  1. Love this idea Rachel and so impressed you're already working on them. So on top of things. I CANNOT wait to see all the DIY details of your wedding. It's going to be so beautiful and filled with personal touches. A very special day indeed. :)

    1. Thanks Heather! I know I probably look crazy starting on projects already, but as someone who almost always tries to bite off more than I can chew, I know I need to jump into my DIY wedding projects as soon as I can! I'm so excited to share all the projects for the next 13 months! :)

  2. way cute! love it!!!!!

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