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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Painting a chalkboard wall in your foyer, via Yellow Brick Home
[By now we've seen the chalkboard paint in bedrooms, kitchens and even on refrigerators. But I absolutely love this half-chalkboard wall right in the front entrance of the Yellow Brick Home.. I like even more how they created a chalk "holder" using an IKEA picture ledge...]

The most perfect creation, that will also probably stop your heart: Deep-Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs
[Last week I shared some incredible Cadbury Creme Brownies, and I thought life just couldn't get any better than that. BUT, behold: The deep-fried Cadbury Creme Egg. Someone's on a mission to stop my hear the quickest, and I'm sure this would be the main culprit.]

Sparkly Carrot (shaped) Cupcakes- darling dessert idea for Easter
[In keeping with the Easter-treat theme, here are some crazy-adorable, sparkly carrot cupcakes. How do they get their perfect carrot shape? It's a fun surprise!]

[Super girly and perfect for spring, this outfit nails it all over. I love every piece!]

coral stripes for spring
[This dress is also another cute option for spring or summer! Stripes, belt and a pinky-coral color? I'm all in! I'd link this one up, but it seems the pin linked to the dress is just some weird scheme to get you to enter a drawing somewhere that has nothing to do with the dress.... boo.]

Embroidered Table Numbers - adorable!
[I love this colorful idea for table numbers - outlined numbers embroidered onto fun fabric. A very cute touch!]

Such a cute idea for Scrabble nerds like us
[I've seen Scrabble tiles used often in weddings on the blogosphere, but I really like this cute little detail signifying where the bride and groom sit. Perfect for Scrabble nerd like Eric and I!]

From the colors to the fun, cutesy vibe, this wedding reminds me a lot of the one I've got swirling around in my head. So sweet!
[This shot is a tablescape from the same wedding as the above photo. This whole wedding, from the colors to the playful vibe really reminds me a lot of what's been swirling around my head for ours. Pretty, colorful details and a carefree 'tude.]

There's plenty more where these came from! To everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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