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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

mismatched chairs all painted the same color.
[I absolutely adore this look - not only the crisp, airy feel or the perfect dusty blue color of the chairs - but I love the look of mismatched chairs all painted the same color to bring in a little cohesion. Wonderful.]

no bake strawberry milk cheesecake
[This may be the most fun cake ever! A no-bake strawberry-milk cheesecake, I'm sure it tastes fabulous but where it really reeled me in was with the sprinkles!]

Almond carrot bodyrock balls
[These almond-carrot balls remind me of one of my favorite handy, healthy snacks, Larabars, but are probably 70 times cheaper - they'd be a perfect on-the-go or post-workout little snack.]

Strawberry "ice cream" - blend frozen strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla, and banana.
[Want strawberry ice cream without all the calories (OR without having to make a trip to the store)? This simple recipe tells you to add frozen strawberries, frozen banana, vanilla extract and coconut milk to a food processor, let it whirl and soon you've got a healthy, frosty treat! I've made a straight-up frozen banana version of this and it's delicious!]

[Let's all take a moment to pause and breathe in all the pretty of this dress. The soft color, the flow-y pleats, the dainty belt. It's a thing of beauty, I tell ya!]

[While we're talking pretty, how about this gorgeous number? I am obsessing over the lace detail up top and the pretty pleats in the skirt. Swoon-o-rama, folks.]

Pretty, sophisticated
[I'm going fairly crazy over the Oasis Shop web site right now - all three of the dresses I've posted so far are from this one shop in the UK! I love the quirky bird print and femininity of this dress, as well.]

Oh, would you look how sweet YOU are...
[I am wild over this shoe from BHLDN (which, by the way, would look so cute with any of the dresses above). They'd make an awfully sweet bridal shoe, don't you think?]

Social Tables - online seating arrangement tool
[Social Tables is an online tool for helping you easily determine your seating chart for any event. I have a feeling I'll be logging in to this site quite a bit around this time next year!]

Love the bridesmaid dress, love the simple bouquet.
[I first pinned this image because I loved the top of the bridesmaid dress, then noticed the beautiful, simple bridesmaid bouquet she was holding. I've thought of having the bridesmaids hold just a couple stems of hydrangeas like this, and it looks so beautiful - but not fussy - here.]

give your newly married friends the gift of a fun decorated door when they get home from their honeymoon!  Love this idea from @jordanferrney, complete with #DIY tutorial!
[I ran across this cute idea, where friends of the bride and groom decorate their door for a surprise when they come home from their honeymoon, and I just thought it was the sweetest. Now I need one of my friends to get married soon, too, so I can do this for them!]

"Throw Things." I adore this program.
[Nothing about our wedding will be traditional, in fancy calligraphy or ANYTHING having to do with "Palace Script..." That's why I simply adore these fun, quirky, laid-back wedding programs. My favorite part? "Throw Things." So fun.]

[I kid you not... I KID YOU NOT.... This is the EXACT idea I had for our escort cards. EXACT! I'd never seen it anywhere before and thought I was so creative and different for coming up with this idea. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (still probably doing it, though..... sorry to ruin the surprise!)]

How do I get over the pain of seeing my "I thought I'd be the first to do this" wedding idea?? Why, looking at cute, tiny puppies, of course!
happy corgi
[Happy Corgi.]

I finished the Internet...
[Sleepy Frenchie.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.


  1. They'd make an awfully sweet bridal shoe, don't you think? YES!

    Love "throw stuff" and now off to check out that strawberry cake recipe. I'm obsessed with all things strawberries these days!

    P.S. If I lived in Milwaukee, I'd totally decorate your door. :)


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