Perfect summer kicks (for a steal!)

Hey gang! I just wanted to pop in real quick to completely gush over the best things I've put on my feet since the Caribbean sand. For months, I've been lusting after Bensimon's Tennis Elastique slip-on shoes. They are a perennial favorite of one of my favorite bloggers (she's touted them as "the French girl's Converse"), and ever since she mentioned these, I've coveted a pair. They look so cute, so chill-chic and so perfect with jeans, shorts or even a dress! At $55, they're not incredibly expensive, but a little more than I usually like to spend on laid-back summer shoes.

So I sat, and waited, and told myself if I still couldn't shake them from my mind come this summer, I'd buy a pair. 

You guys, I bought three pairs. Of the exact same shoe. 

So how did I go from not wanting to spend $55 on a single pair to going nuts and buying three? Simple: I got knockoffs. And those three pairs of knockoffs? I got them all for $36. I was perusing through Old Navy last week when my eyes got fixated on a wall of danging, rubber-soled sneakers. You guys, these are almost dead-ringers for the Bensimon sneaks, at a fraction of the price. Caring about labels is so 2004 anyway, right?

I basically lived in these shoes all weekend, and they are crazy comfy. I've worn them with jeans, shorts and a skirt and they look equally cute with all. And, gals, if you're as wild about these shoes as I am, you've got to head over to Old Navy today, because for the next couple days they're on super-sale for $9 a pair!!! When I caught wind of the sale, I bought two more pairs in gray, and another similar style in red lace. I just wish they had a few more colors to choose from, because to be honest I'm not wild about any of the others they offer besides gray. But at any rate, I'll be set on these shoes for years (hopefully).

Am I the only crazy person who buys things in multiples if I love them enough? I just could not turn down that deal!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I just bought 2 pairs hahaha

    1. Haha.. awesome! Seriously, you will love them - so comfy and cute!


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