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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Embroidered "HELLO" on screen door
[I think this cross-stitched screen door is just so cute embroidered with a friendly message. I would love to do this on our front door!] 

Cute, teeny house
[How darn cute is this tiny little home with cedar shakes? Either it's the most intricate play house ever or home to some very adorable, tiny people.]

Strawberry lemonade oatmeal bars
[These Strawberry-Lemonade Oatmeal bars just scream "summertime" to me. What a perfect picnic snack!]

Pretzel cones and chocolate ice cream: the perfect salty/sweet combo.
[Here, we've got dark chocolate ice cream with mini peanut-butter cups. That sounds decadent enough... but serve it in a PRETZEL CONE and I am 100% sold.]

[This dress is just so fun and feminine. I love the ruffles on top, and the color combo is just so sweet.]

Love this color combo!
[This outfit is head-to-toe fantastic. I love the blend of sherbet colors! Although I never feel like I can pull off the casual blazer look... But maybe I'd try again just to recreate this outfit.]

cluster necklace
[Lately I've been in a necklace rut. Like, I probably haven't purchased a new necklace in about two years. I'd be willing to break that streak with this lovely cluster necklace on Etsy.]

Collapsible nylon whisks - Gretyl
[Never in my life would I have thought I'd gush over a whisk, but ooohhhh mama do I one one (or... all?) of these pretty, collapsible nylon whisks. Look! Colors! Pretty!]

L-O-V-E the chevron paper bags for favors
[This colorful wedding is right up my alley. And I adore those chevron paper bags for favor packaging! So cute]

Pretty ranunculus in little teal glasses
[Move over, peony, the rancunculus is quickly moving up the ranks to becoming one of my favorite flowers. Look how pretty they all look bunched together in little mismatched cups?]

such a great way to receive fun advice from guests and lots of good reading material after the big day  Photography by http://ruettgers.com, Wedding Coordination and Design by http://eventsbymint.com
[Isn't this a cute idea? Leaving a little booklet on the table for guests to write premonitions for your future together. I'm sure it would be filled with lots of lovely thoughts... but hopefully some pretty hilarious ones, too!]

such a cute moment captured in anticipation of the Bride's big entrance  Photography by http://mthreestudio.com
[I am in love with this picture. How sweet is the little flower girl looking excitedly down the aisle, awaiting the bride?]

oh my.
[Oh my. Oh my dear. Oh my dear baby Bengal kitten.]

Carl Fredericksen
[This man is Carl Frederickson. You know, the old man from "Up?" I love that movie, and I love this man who is a spot-on real life double for the main character. Fantastic!]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!


  1. Oh my...those ice-cream cones. That's all I can really say about this post. I want one. Now!

    And in regards to your latest post, your house looks great Rachel. Love all the work you did on it this past year. I dream of white kitchen cabinets!


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