The Week's End

What a fun-filled, summertastic weekend. Despite it being incredibly hot all weekend, I spent the majority of my time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. From tailgates to ball games to the beach to walks for ice cream, it was a great weekend to be in Milwaukee.

 Tailgate games/beverages.
Thanking my lucky stars we were seated in the shade at Saturday's Brewers game.

 Cooling off with classic hot-day treats.
Not skimping on the sprinkles.

Enjoying the flowers flourishing in our backyard. I adore how the roses are freely cascading down our grape arbor right now...

And enjoying great food off the grill. Last night, we had grilled chicken sandwiches with green chili (brought back from Denver!), cheese and served on a pretzel bun. That grilled asparagus was nothing to turn the nose up at, either.

And unpictured: We spent Sunday afternoon down by the beach near our house at South Shore Park. We brought down the radio and listening to the Brewers game while jealously watching sail boats leave and return the marina. Sigh... we need a boat. Or kayaks. Or jet skis. 

While at the beach, we looked over to South Shore Pavilion (our wedding venue!) and noticed a group setting up a bunch of white garden chairs outside. Oh boy, another wedding outside the pavilion - just like we're planning on doing! I walked over and checked out their set up and even talked with the bride's sister, who gave me the name of their chair rental company - the price she mentioned for their chair rental sounded very reasonable. I'm so glad I walked over there and checked it out!

Though we didn't tackle any house projects (it seems like forever since we've completed anything worthwhile for our home), it was nice to relax, kick back and enjoy a care-free, travel-free weekend. Here's to more just like it!

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  1. Us too. Summered HARD this past weekend. My face looks like a catcher's mitt from all of the sun it soaked up! I love Milwaukee summers. And they're just getting started too!


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