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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

so pretty
[Well this is just about the prettiest wallpaper I've ever seen! This gorgeous pattern would look so lovely in a little powder or laundry room.]

beautiful hardwood floors...
[How gorgeous is this deep, rustic hardwood floor? Such a wonderful contrast to the otherwise stark white kitchen.]

Home office in a closet. I've got just the closet for this!
[There's no space in our little home for an office area, but we do have a deep closet that we could easily transform into a little makeshift home office, just like in the photo above. Plus - bonus points for a space is actually cute and functional!]

[In the summer, I'm all about desserts that are quick to put together,cool and light. This no-fuss strawberry icebox cake fits all those summertime treat requirements, and look absolutely delicious, to boot!]

Perfectly Crispy Baked Fries
[No matter how many times I try, I can never seem to get baked fries in that perfect crispy-outside, soft-inside zone. This recipe boasts it holds the secret to those delectable crispy fries every time.]

Kate! I'm wild over that vintage-feel yellow dress.
[Sigh.... oh Kate, you're so fabulous. You pull off that '60s proper vintage look flawlessly. And that yellow dress? To die for.]

[Lord knows I'm not shy when it comes to color, so it's no surprise I'm a big fan of these colorful stud earrings - they'd add the perfect pop to any neutral outfit.]

Glamorous, casual
[I wish maxi dresses and skirts didn't make me look like such a Derpasaurus Rex.... but I always feel like such an ol' frump in them. If I were about six feet tall and 115 pounds, I'd definitely snatch up this pretty dress... it's perfect for fancy occasions and laid-back ones, alike!]

Indoor S'More Maker, for those chilly nights when a backyard fire isn't possible.
[You know, S'mores aren't only perfect in summer... they also taste just as delicious in spring, fall and winter. So for all those cold, December nights when you're dreaming of a campfire and your favorite chocolaty, marshmallowy, graham-crackery treat... fear not: This contraption gives you the gift of making S'mores in your very own oven. Commence rejoicing!]

MAKE IT: DIY Glitter Mason Jar + A Tip for Making the Glitter Stay Glued and Not Shed! SO key.
[You know what's fun? Mason jars. You know what's even more fun? Sparkly mason jars. This easy-as-pie tutorial shows you how to transform a regular ol' glass jar into a glittery vessel for anything that deserves a little bit of shine.]

What a fantastic reception set up. Crazy over the "There is Thunder in our Hearts" installment.
[Okay, yes, I'm all about rustic barn weddings with pretty pops of color, but can we take a closer look at that fantastic installment on the wall? "There is thunder in our hearts..." (lyrics from a Kate Bush song) I love that!]

Would make a cute bridesmaid dress
[When I pinned this I thought, "What a sweet little bridesmaid dress!" THEN I realized I've a couple months ago I ripped out a photo of this exact same dress from a wedding magazine, whilst thinking the exact same thought. Good to know my tastes haven't changed since then!]

Great shot of the entire wedding attendees
[As much as I love color, I really love this black-and-white photo of all the attendees at this wedding. It reminds me of an old yearbook picture!]

Roald Dahl.
[Ahhh... Roald Dahl. My childhood hero. I absolutely love this message (and the illustration with it) - so important to remember when you're having one of those "I look like a lumpy potato" days (what, you don't have those??)]

There are plenty more where these come from! To see everything I pin, all week long, follow me on Pinterest!


  1. So funny - i just made that strawberry icebox cake! http://theactorsdiet.com/2012/06/18/strawberry-icebox-cake/

    1. Lynn - your icebox cake looks delicious! (P.S. I'm a huge fan of using an egg slicer for strawberries, too... so much quicker!)


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