A Fiery Fourth

How was your Independence Day, everyone? If you're anything like me, you're cursing today as it feels like Monday all over again. Although the timing of July 4th this year was inconvenient, it was still nice to have a day off right smack in the middle of the week. What was not nice about it? The fact that is was the hottest July 4th on record in the city of Milwaukee. And that I chose this record-hot day to spend all my time outdoors. It was rough.

For the second year in a row, I spent July 4th at Miller Park - and my brother was in town for the second year in a row, too! We tailgated, played plenty of Giant Jenga while doing so, ate some delicious foods (including the red, white and blue salsa pictured above. Find the recipe here - it's seriously DELICIOUS on a hot day), and sweated our butts off. Almost literally.

While tailgating, Eric had the genius idea to beat the heat by standing in a cooler bag filled with ice water (as pictured above). Sure, we may have looked slightly goofy, but each 30-second stand in that bag was like heaven. Inside the game, we were thankful our seats were in the shade, which helped a bit, but we were all still dreaming of running through sprinklers by the game's (losing) end.

Mr. Pancakes kept cool by hanging out in a paper grocery bag all day. He is a very special cat.

How did you spend the Fourth? Nearly passing out in the sweltering heat (like me)? Or were you able to find a nice, air-conditioned space to relax in? I have to say I think yesterday may have been my #1 Hottest Day Ever Experienced in my life. 

Stay cool out there, gang!

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