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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Life as a Thrifter's Apartment Therapy Home Tour. I LOVE her happy little home!
Hang pictures in the laundry room from skirt hangers. CUTE idea!
[One of my favorite bloggers, Life as a Thrifter, had her house tour on Apartment Therapy this week. She is so adorable, and always has the best thrift scores, so obviously I'm a huge fan. And her home is just plain FUN. With all the bright colors and cute decor, it would be nearly impossible not to feel happy there. See those photos hung in the laundry room by skirt hangers? Brilliant.]

LOVE these curtains
[These curtains are fabulous. I love the three-quarter dyed style, and that pink is super pretty without being too girly.]

Garden Center
[I'm currently on the lookout for idea on how to replace a rickety old deck cabinet outside, and this repurposed kitchen hutch is in the front running. It's bright and has so many perfect shelves, drawers and spaces to hold all those necessary goodies for working on the garden.]

Pallet planter
[While we're on the topic of space outside the home, how cool is this vertical pallet garden? I love this look, and the pots can easily switch out from season to season.]

Red, White & Blue Salsa | Two Peas and Their Pod
[I made this red, white and blue salsa with strawberries, blueberries and jicama for our Fourth of July Brewers tailgate on Wednesday and it was absolutely delicious. A little sweet, a little spicy (thanks to the jalapeno), it was a snap to make and perfect on a hot day. I'm sure this will make another appearance at our house sometime this summer!]

Creamy (healthy!) radish dip - for the county of radishes taking over my garden.
[As you may remember, my garden is currently shooting our radishes like a... radish Oozie? While I don't have a great simile for my garden's prolific radish production, I'm now armed with a tasty-looking recipe wherein to use those radishes. This creamy radish dip is healthy, short on ingredients and would be a perfect side to bring to a cookout. Radish problem: solved!]

Silverware holders.
[These burlap silverware holders are currently for sale on Etsy, but would be so simple to make for yourself! They're cute and add a nice rustic elegance to your tabletop.]

Vintage camper bird house!
[How awesome is this vintage camper birdhouse?? While I can't think of anything more hipster than a mini vintage camper and putting a bird IN it, I just can't help how much I adore this sweet little house!]

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
[Not only is Mindy Kaling super cute AND super funny, but the title of her book is something I think all of us has secretly thought to ourselves in our lives. I haven't read the book yet, but it's on my list - it was be such a great hilarious summer read.]

Colorful chairs are a fun touch. (These would be PERFECT)
[I really love this entire wedding, but I am SWOONING over the chairs at this reception! These would be absolutely PERFECT at our wedding... they fit right in the color scheme. The bride was able to borrow them from the community center where she volunteered for years. How lucky!] 

wedding party graphic in program
[This is such a cool way to list the wedding party in your ceremony program. It's graphically sleek and just plain awesome. Great idea!]

Thank you note to guests to be displayed at gift table.
[In all the hubbub of the day, it's important to show your appreciation for the guests who've supported you and traveled to be with you on your big day. I love this sign, to be placed on the card/gift table, for expressing gratitude for the people who came to your wedding. The wording on this thank you sign is just perfect... not too sappy, but heartfelt and sincere.]

Peach, lavender, mint green and yellow floral bouquet
[This bridal bouquet is breathtaking... I love its muted colors, full of some of my favorites: garden roses, billy buttons, succulents, and I'm wild over those sweet little daises popping through!]

[Another lovely quote from my hero, KV. Preach it, brother.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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