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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week....

Pinball coffee table - so rad
[This is the definition of "rad" if ever there was one. A totally awesome antique/consignment shop in LA called TINI (an acronym for the cheekily-named This is Not IKEA) is probably my new dream destination. They carry the most incredible home decor pieces, all of which I love, but this super-sweet pinball coffee table had my jaw dropping. So freakin' cool. This would be Eric's dream, and one I could actually get behind. If I'm ever in LA, I say screw Grauman's Chinese Theater, TINI will be my absolute first stop in Tinsel Town.]

Grilled Corn, Mushroom + Roasted Poblano Tacos with Chipotle Crema
[In summer, my craving for Mexican food shoots through the roof. As the temperature rises, so does my appetite for tacos, burritos and, of course, margaritas. These grilled corn, mushroom and roasted poblano tacos with chipotle crema have my mouth watering just typing the name out. I must make these before summer ends.]

Broiled crab cakes for dinner? Survey says yes.
[At least every other summer for the majority of my life, I've visited the East Coast for a beach vacation with my family. Many of those trips were in Maryland, from where my dad originally hails. Every time I'm out there, I must get some fresh Maryland crab... preferably in the form of light, broiled crab cakes. There simply is nothing better. Sadly, I'm missing this year's family trip to the Outer Banks and will also be missing out on all sorts of fresh seafood. Although I'm sure they won't be the same, this simple recipe for broiled Maryland crab cakes should make me feel a little bit better about missing out on family vacay this year.]

Grilled sweet potatoes with lime and cilantro
[We go through a lot of sweet potatoes in our house. Neither Eric nor I have met a sweet potato we didn't like, so this recipe for grilled spicy lime sweet potatoes is not only right up our alley, but sounds like a perfect barbecue side if you ask me.]

[I've said it before and I'll say it again - I wish I was the kind of person who attends fancy galas, just so I could wear this absolutely stunning gown. It's seriously so beautiful, I don't think I'd ever want to take it off!]

pleated grecian perfection
[Apparently I've been digging the Grecian look lately, because this little dress caught my eye too this week. It looks so flattering, and I love the neutral color. Easy to dress up or dress down!]

Canoe hammock. NEED.
[Upon first viewing, I thought this little rowboat contraption was a hammock-type thing. Apparently it is a baby cradle, which makes me all sorts of sad because I was really looking forward to taking a midday nap rocking in this puppy in our backyard. How come babies get all the nap fun?!]

Skulk of Foxes Hardwood iPhone Covers
[I'm crazy over these hardwood iPhone cases from A Skulk of Foxes. They're absolutely gorgeous!] 

This wedding... oh, this *entire* wedding...
[I am just in love this entire wedding. The couple looks so laid back and fun (I mean, they had a beer-pong table at their reception!) and their style and decor is so down-home and adorable. This is how all weddings should be!]

Pegged Leg Placeholders
[These shabby-chic place card holders are currently on super-sale over at BLHDN, but would be so easy to make on your own, too! Some discarded furniture legs, and a little paint and distressing - perfect!]

Standing ceremony - I still think this is such a sweet, intimate idea for a ceremony (mom, however, is adamantly against the idea).
[I'm a little enamored with the idea of a sweet little standing ceremony. I just love the idea of the people you love most all huddled around for an informal ceremony. Unfortunately (for me), I think this idea would work best with a very small guest list - anything under 50 people (much smaller than our guest list will be). It's still a beautiful thought, though!]

girls in the window / ormond gigli, 1960
[Girls in Windows, a photograph by Ormond Gigli, is such a beauty... and so is its back story. Shot in 1960, the photograph depicts models, celebrities and friends of the photographer, who were assembled to pose in the windows of some neighborhood brownstones that were slated for demolition. The photo was quickly shot during the construction workers' lunch break.]

life is hard.
[Sometimes, even when you're a French Bulldog, life is hard.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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