Happy Birthday, Mr. Pancakes!

Oh, they grow up so fast... Today is Mr. Pancakes' THIRD birthday! Eric and I were talking about it over the weekend and we kind of feel like he should be older than three, because we have a really hard time remembering life before him. It seems like he's been part of our family forever!

How do we know his birthday is today? When we adopted him from the Humane Society, they told us he was probably born in mid-to-late August. We figured August 22nd seemed like a good estimation, so it became his birthday.

In the past, I've tried celebrating Mr. Pancakes' birthday by serving him Fancy Feast or giving him a new toy to bat around, but he won't touch wet cat food (he won't even eat fresh salmon off the grill. I tried giving him a piece once and he just sniffed it and walked away) and he's way more interested in rubber bands and little pom-pom balls scattered around the house than "proper" cat toys. He got an early birthday present last week when a package I ordered was shipped with two HUGE rubber bands. He's been carrying those around the house all week to play with (we keep finding them in random places), so suffice it to say he's happy with his new "gifts."

The one thing I know he will not be getting is a birthday card that makes a meowing sound. A friend (and my maid of honor!) sent me a birthday card this year with a big cat on the front, and when you open it, it "meows" the "Happy Birthday" song. The first couple times I opened it, I noticed Mr. Pancakes' eyes get HUGE. Then I put it down to his level and he absolutely freaked out. Every time I let it play for a while, Mr. Pancakes gets horrified and runs away. I shouldn't laugh at his utter terror, but his reaction is priceless.

Here, see for yourself!

So, happy third birthday, P-Cakes! May you not be startled by loud noises and may your day instead be filled with head scratches, rubber-band fetch and your beloved Whisker Lickins treats. Here's to many more, little guy. 


  1. That card scares me too, Mr. Pancakes. Happy Birthday!

    1. Funny coincidence: My parents sent the exact same card to Eric for his birthday this year, too, not knowing I'd received the same card on my birthday. We haven't looked into what would happen if we simultaneously played that card around Mr. Pancakes.


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