Photos, Friends & an Island Getaway

Hey gang! I just wanted to get a quick post in just to say "hi" to you all and catch up on recent happenings. Life as been ultra busy lately, but I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend, hopefully filled with fun projects to share with you all soon!

I spent last weekend, Thursday-Sunday in Ohio, seeing family and friends. While there, I was able to visit one of my favorite events growing up: The Great Darke County Fair! Held in my hometown of Greenville, the fair was always a must-visit for me (at least a few times during its nearly two-week run). I loved playing games, riding rides, people watching and of course eating all the tasty fair food. Sadly, I hadn't been back in years, so I was excited to get the chance to visit again. Only this time I went back for a special occasion: Eric and I got our engagement pictures taken there! I got the idea to have a fair-themed engagement shoot months ago, and thankfully our incredible photographer, Look Here Photography, was ecstatic to hop right on board. You know me - I'm not one to do anything "typical" so I was so excited to get some different-style engagement photos with a fun theme. I loved the idea even more because because the photos will pay sort of an homage to my hometown roots in Ohio, as the wedding will be in Wisconsin.

The shoot was last Thursday evening, and we shot for nearly four hours, so obviously there are a lot of photos to sort through. I don't have anything to show you now (although if you visit Look Here's Facebook page now, you can take a sneak peek at one of our photos from the night!), but with our photographer's blessing I'll share a few of our favorites when they're all done. 

After our engagement shoot, we came home, crashed hard, and the next morning I dropped Eric off at the airport to return back to Milwaukee alone. I had serious business to get down to.

Friday-Sunday were spent on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie for my friend Kelly's bachelorette party! I met Kelly my freshman year of college and we've been close ever since. She's one of the most fun people I know, so I knew this would be a bachelorette party for the books.
That's Kelly in the middle left, long with my friends Jenna and Taylor.

It was so great seeing friends I hadn't seen in over a year, and meeting new friends, too! 

Kelleys Island was a cute little place with the perfect atmosphere for just cutting loose. Naturally, we spent the whole weekend eating, laughing and maaayyybbeee indulging in a drink or two....
(No, those weren't all mine...)

I had an absolute blast, and can't wait until her wedding in October!
[all photo credits go to my friends... I was a bad photographer this weekend]
With weddings being the talk of the weekend, I realized I need to get cracking on some wedding projects of my own. I hope to have a few new things to share with you coming up shortly! Until then, hold tight... things are only going to get more interesting in the coming months.

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