Your Weekly Pins...

Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week....

Crossover sheer curtains - beautiful.
[These pretty crossover sheer curtains look so peaceful and ethereal, especially with a little extra length to pool at the bottom.]

Future craft room...yes, please
[In contrast, this bright, happy craft room looks like the perfect space to boost creativity!]

Honey Balsamic Roasted Cherries
[With cherry season in full swing, I've been gobbling these guys up while they're relatively inexpensive. While I usually eat them just as they are, this honey-balsamic roasted cherries recipe sounds incredible for a late-summer snack!]

Pencil Push Up Pops by Bakerella... oh my gosh if I had a kid you better believe he'd be bringing this to his teacher the first day of school!
[I wish I had a kid to cart off to the first day of school with these crazy-adorable pencil push pops. They're just cake and frosting, colored and stuffed in a cake push-up vessel, and made to look like a pencil! the perfect way to sweeten up ol' Teach from Day One.]

*Somebody* ordered this dress for *somebody's* upcoming engagement photos.... Anthro Melora Dress
[Somebody bought this dress 50% off from Anthropologie this week.... and somebody is awfully excited to wear it for somebody's upcoming engagement photos later this month....]

Bandolino Fresko Sandal Platform Sandals
[Hey, you know what would look awfully cute with somebody's new dress above? These sweet pink sandals...]

Brilliant!!!!!  Get straw holders to store ribbon spools! Just pull up the top and the whole stack comes up, no need to remove spools to use! I also love how you can quickly see what you have!
[How smart is this idea for storing spools of ribbon? Just put your spools in a straw holder and pull the top up to grab the ribbon you want!]

[I am not the best at drawing on chalkboards... my lettering always seems to smudge or looks a little "shaky." This tutorial is a good resource to learn how to draw like a pro on chalkboard.]

Ombre balloon backdrop
[I love this ombre balloon backdrop! Though it may not be the most practical (I can just see them popping or losing helium as the night goes on), it's so fun and on trend!]

Not having a cake? Why not fill in that space with a fun, ruffled papier mache stand in!
[Not having a wedding cake? Why not use this papier mache stand-in with pretty ruffles? Bonus points if you use it as a pinata later in the evening!]

stop it!  chevron sequin table linens by http://linens.latavolalinen.com/
[Chevron AND sparkles? Why, of course I'm in love with this tablecloth!] 

Oh hai!
[Oh hai, dere. How d'you like my lil' foot?]

Too immature to not laugh at this.
[And just to cap things off on a totally immature note, this photo makes me LOL every time.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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