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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Gray herringbone backsplash. Beautiful
[Is herringbone the new chevron? Although I kind of hate myself for actually typing that question, I've found myself falling for anything sporting the classic herringbone pattern, including these beautiful gray-tiled walls.]

hallways under staircases.
[An under-the-stairs passageway provides a little more flow to a home, as well as totally cool, unexpected architectural detail.]

plastic toys, wood blocks, spray paint = super cute
[Sure, you could buy these bright, whimsical bookends at PB Kids for $49... or you could attach a plastic toy to a wood block and spray paint them to create this look for less!]

Soft Leather Ballet Flats
[These soft, leather ballet flats look so comfortable, with a nice retro flair.]

A trio of earrings in pretty shades.
[Although these sold already, I'd love to have this trio of vintage button earrings. Simple, elegant.]

Ryan Gosling coloring book... because, of course.
[As if the Bill Murray coloring book wasn't exciting enough, now you can color your own Ryan Gosling... who wouldn't want to spend time admiring his lines?]

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week Embroidery Hoop - 30 Rock TV Quote Home Decor
[This has been my personal mantra since I first heard it from Tracy Jordan's lips on "30 Rock." And although I'm not exactly sure what that lifestyle entails, I'd proudly display this embroidery hoop in my home to inspire everyone who visits to do the same.]

Love the colored ribbons on this bouquet
Bouttonierres wrapped with different-color ribbon. Perfect.
[Because each of my bridesmaids will be wearing a different color at our wedding, I've been pondering how I'll fashion each of their bouquets. I absolutely love the idea of a plain, white bouquet adorned with a ribbon of each color of the wedding palette (with the bouttonierres all wrapped with the groomsman's specific color, as well).... eclectic cohesion.]

A Milwaukee wedding on SMP... good resource for local vendor recommendations
[I get super excited whenever I see a Wisconsin wedding on one of the many wedding blogs I follow. This one was featured on the Queen of Them All, Style Me Pretty, and took place right here in Milwaukee! I pinned it mainly for the list of local vendor recommendations for future reference.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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