DIY Tissue Fringe Garland

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On that note, I'll get to our regularly-scheduled broadcast...

A few weeks ago I shared my chalkboard door project with you, revealing it will be a part of our wedding decor this coming May. While I love the door itself, I thought it might need a little something to jazz it up a bit, like a fun pop of color. The perfect way to instantly (and inexpensively!) add some interest is by incorporating a fun tissue garland, and inspired by all the cute fringe garlands I've been seeing lately, I had to hop on board and create my own!

As I mentioned, this project is a super cheap one. I already had everything on hand but the tissue paper! And mine took me just a couple of hours to complete while watching college football last weekend (Go Bobcats, BTW). 

Here's what you'll need:
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Ruler or straight edge
Colored tissue paper
String or twine
Tacky glue (optional)

First, Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold it horizontally (or as we referred to it in kindergarten, "hamburger" style).

Begin cutting strips about half an inch wide, and stop about two inches before the fold at the top. You may want to use a ruler to ensure your cuts are straight.

Keep cutting half-inch strips until you've got a full fringey sheet.

Open up your sheet of tissue so that you've got fringe on either side of the middle section of uncut tissue.

If you're using metallic tissue paper, as I am here, flip the shiny side to the bottom. If you're not using metallic, you can forget this step.

Begin rolling the tissue from the middle like a cigarette (but, you know, you probably shouldn't smoke, you guys...). Don't worry about making it a perfectly tight roll.

Once you've rolled the tissue paper all the way to the bottom, twist the middle section (the rolled part) tightly.

Then twist the twist into a loop around itself.
If you want to make sure the loop stays secure, add a little dot of tacky glue to the last twist in the loop.

Finally, string the competed fringe tassel onto your string, ribbon or twine. Then make as many more tassels as you want to fill up the twine. You may want to cut some length off the bottom of your fringe if you want smaller tassels. Just cut in one swoop like you're chopping someone's ponytail in half (but please don't do that in real life. Happened to me once as a toddler. Not cool.)

Ta-da! Pretty, fun tassel garland!

And here's how it dresses up my rustic chalkboard door:

Yay! I'm so happy with how it adds interest to the door. I'm sure I'll be making a lot more tassel fringe in the coming months to add to our wedding decor. It's just so cute!

But obviously this tassel fringe can be used for so many things other than weddings: birthday parties, store displays, nurseries and kids' rooms.... I'm not going to lie, I kind of want to drape my entire house in fringe garland... Such a fun alternative to straight-up flag bunting!

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