Roasted Tomato-Basil Soup (with fancy grilled cheese)

As if last week's butternut-squash and apple soup recipe wasn't enough to warm your spirits on a chilly fall day, this next soup will surely do the trick.

I made this roasted tomato and basil soup over the weekend because, frankly, I knew there was no other way I was ever going to use up the eight pounds of tomatoes I had sitting around from the garden. I am not over exaggerating when I say eight pounds, either. It's a ridiculous amount, even after sharing with friends and coworkers. And even after I made the soup, I still have four pounds of tomatoes left! I may just have to make another batch this coming weekend... it's just that good.

You know what makes this tomato soup taste even better? Dunking some of this in it:

That, my friends, would be fancy grilled cheese. More specifically, grilled garlic-white-cheddar with roasted jalapenos on wheat. Pressed on the panini grill just enough so the cheese gets super ooey-gooey and melts all over the place.

It's the perfect pairing.

Now, I didn't create the recipe for the this fabulous roasted tomato and basil soup. Mama Pea did, and did it  fabulously, might I add. Go right over to her blog and make this recipe ASAP. You don't even have to pair it with fancy grilled cheese... but you'll be missing that extra oomph if you don't.

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