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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Adore the floors, ceiling medallion and moulding.
[At first I was like, "Oh hey those herringbone floors are THE BOMB." Then I looked up and noticed the crown moulding was also pretty bombtastic. Finally, that ceiling medallion took the entire room to a whole different level of BOMB DOT COM. Love it.]

[You know what else is the bomb dot com? This cozy-looking kitchen. The cabinet color is awesome, that old butter-yellow stove is phenomenal and I'm really digging the different textures on the wall (flat, beadboard and subway tile? It works!). Finally, can we please talk about this floor? Is it wooden planks atop checkered floor? It is a checkered-floor frame around hardwood? Whatever the case, I'm in lurve.]

smoky sweet potato burgers with roasted garlic cream and avocado
[I love a good cow burger as much as the next girl, but I'm also a huge fan of a really good veggie burger. This sweet potato burger with garlic cream and avocado seems rich, decadent and I can't wait to make one of my own.]

Buffalo Chicken Soup.
[Though I'm a much stronger baseball fan, I love football season for its gameday snack options. If we were to make gameday snacks for every baseball game, I'd weigh approximately 400 pounds... but football season keeps it all in check with merely one day of gluttony (not counting MNF or TNF). This buffalo chicken soup seems like the PERFECT gameday snack for a chilly fall Sunday afternoon, combining two favorites in one.]

Personal Pecan Pie Brownies
[A certain fella in my life can easily name his favorite food of all time, and that is, simply, pecan pie. I've seen him take down five slices on one Thanksgiving alone. And though he refuses to eat his favorite food on any day other than Thanksgiving, I think he'd make an exception for these personal pecan-pie brownies. I mean, they're not exactly pie...]

BHLDN Collector's Lockets.
[I used to love lockets when I was younger - I even wore one of my own around, from time to time. I think it all stemmed because Molly McIntire, my favorite American Girl at the time, wore a little locket, too. Picking up where I left off 20 years ago (that is horrifying to type...), I'm back on board with classic lockets! These beauties at BHLDN would be a perfect place to start.... if they weren't so dang expensive.]

Put manuals in plastic bags and tape to back of its corresponding appliance. Simple genius!
[This is one of the best, simple "Why didn't I think of that" ideas I've seen: Putting an owner's manual in a plastic baggie and taping that to the back of the appliance - no more misplacing or losing manuals!]

This company takes your child's drawing and makes it into a stuffed animal or pillow - so cute!
[Another incredible idea is the one being put into practice by Sunny Little Studio: turning a child's drawing into a real, huggable stuffed animal! Just think about how excited a kid would be seeing his or her work come to life! An incredible sweet idea.]

DIY wedding facts, for cocktail tables
[Eric and I have been toying with the idea of including "Fun Facts" about us scattered about our reception decor, and this wedding had the same idea! They're great conversation starters and a fun way to share more about the couple with all the guests.]

sweet as molasses ceremony decor  Photography by dixiepixelphoto.com
[It may be simple, but I think these scrap-fabric wreaths are so cute as aisle-runner decorations for the ceremony.]

kitty belly!
[I'm not sure what I love more: this kitty's belly or its super-excited facial expression!]

Yoga cat is harnessing her chi
[Yoga cat is harnessing his chi....]

[This Rainbow Brite/Twink Halloween costume idea is just adorable. I mean, I've seen Rainbow Brite done before, but nothing like this cute little Twink toddler!]

There are plenty more where these came! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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