Halloweekend 2012

Halloween proper may not be until this Wednesday, but the festivities in our neighborhood took place on Saturday. As you know, in our house we take Halloween pretty seriously, so this was a big weekend for us!

Last year, our first year ever having Trick or Treaters, we were totally unprepared for the hundreds of kids we'd eventually have ringing our doorbell... we ran out of candy almost an hour into Trick or Treat! Eric had to make a mad dash to the store to get a couple more bags to last the night.

This year, we were prepared.
We used up every bag you see here but one and a half.... it was another busy year! 

We set out our Jack O' Lanterns for the Trick or Treaters to marvel at as they got their candy.
Eric's is on the left, with a classic zig-zag snarl. Mine is the overly-happy pumpkin with buckteeth fangs. No frills with our Jack O' Lanterns this year... back to the classic pumpkin face.

As we waited for the Trick or Treaters to arrive, we snacked on some pretty delicious pumpkin seeds, harvested from our friends above.

Trick or Treat was a success, though we did have noticeably fewer Trick or Treaters this year than last year (maybe about 200-300 this year, compared to nearly 400-500 last year!). Maybe it was the cold? For the first time in my four years living in Milwaukee it was a cold Halloween, with temps in the 40s!

After Trick or Treat wound up around 8pm, Eric and I got ready to hit the town in our costumes, ourselves!

Now, as you may know, we take each year's costumes very seriously... often times settling on a costume idea months in advance of the big day. This year's costume was one nearly three years in the making, as I had been trying to convince Eric we should go as this for years.... However, we always got stuck because we couldn't agree on who should go as which character.

Finally, this year, he caved.
We agreed that I should be Sloppy Joe.

While Eric mastered the art of the Lunch Lady.

"Me and Sloppy Joe got married.... we got six kids and we're doin' just fine...."

And there you have it! This year's Halloween costume was our very first couples costume, recreating one of the most classic SNL sketches in the show's history: Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady Land" song. In years past, we both wanted to be Sloppy Joe, but ultimately agreed Eric would make a much more hilarious Lunch Lady. Plus, he just really loved the opportunity to wear a butt pad all night.

So, if you've been keeping count, in the five Halloweens I've spent in Milwaukee, I've gone as a cat-themed Internet meme twice, and an SNL character twice (three times if you count Kerri Strug's appearance with her brother Kippy on "Weekend Update"). Sometimes you can't go wrong reaching back into the same pool.

We had a lot of fun with this costume. We got plenty of people singing the "Lunch Lady Land" song with us on the street, and a lot of people came up to ask to have their picture taken with us! Yet another Halloween success.

Our favorite costume we saw that night? This incredibly crafty claw-game, complete with a claw grabber that actually worked!
It was pretty rad, indeed.

I always get a little sad when Halloween passes... but this year I need to remember I've at least got a couple more days to enjoy the spooky festivities! And I can get away with nibbling at any of our leftover candy until Wednesday, as well!

What was your Halloween costume? Or did you have a favorite you saw this year? I'd love to know!

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  1. I am inspired! You guys have had quite the run of awesome costumes!

    And holy cow, you get a lot of kids down there. We only went through a little over one of those big bags of candy up in Port Washington.

    This year, I was someone from Star Trek since I already had a dress that looked just like their uniforms. I just had to add some little touches and give myself 60s hair and makeup, and I was good to go.

    My favorite costume this year was an AT-AT from Star Wars. It was two guys marching around a bar in this huge cardboard creation with eyes?? that lit up. Whenever something is functional like that, like the claw machine you saw, that's always an impressive add.


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