We've Been Illustrated!

On Monday I shared some of our county-fair engagement photos, and today I've got yet another piece of art featuring Eric and I to share!

Over the weekend some friends of mine gave me a gift, at which I teared up almost instantly when opening. It was the sweetest gift ever, and will be the perfect addition to hang in our home... and even use in our wedding decor/details! This is the custom-illustrated portrait of our little family, done by the super-talented Nan Lawson.

Do these three look familiar? That's Eric, me and of course Mr. Pancakes (the illustration was made before Lieu Lieu joined our family)! I am head-over-heels in LOVE with this drawing... it looks just like us! I love that I'm wearing my oft-donned color combo of yellow and gray in my dress with cardigan (I have this exact outfit at home), and Eric is in his Brewers jersey with his favorite 3/4 green shirt underneath! And did you catch the little S'more Eric is holding? I am gaga over that little detail... pulled straight out of his proposal. Another thing I love? Mr. Pancakes' little freckle is even included! Apparently my friend Megan, after seeing the first proof, sent it back saying P-Cakes just had to have that freckle added.... perfection!

My friends put so much thought and effort into coordinating this gift for us. I simply can't thank them enough... I can't wait to hang the print on our wall! Megan, Nicole and Abby... thank you SO much for this thoughtful gift! We both adore it.

I hadn't heard of Nan Lawson before receiving the gift, but I looked her up instantly and am in big puffy-paint-hearts LOVE with her work. She's awesome, adorable and a girl after my own pop culture heart... a huge Wes Anderson fan, just like me!
Max and Herman, from "Rushmore."

Margo and Richie Tenenbaum, from "The Royal Tenenbaums".

And, Miss Lawson REALLY won me over with this portrait of one my my heroes from current television:
You Had Me At Meat Tornado - 8 x 10 Illustration Print
Ron Swanson! (Its title is "You Had Me At Meat Tornado." Hilarious.)

Nan Lawson had me at our custom illustration, but I really love all her work. She's such a talent!

Have you ever had a custom portrait drawn of your family? It's such a cute alternative to the traditional seated family photograph.


  1. Those are great and I LOVE the one of you and Eric. However, now, for some reason, Billy Idol's song "Eyes Without a Face" is now stuck in my head. ;)

    1. We ain't got no noses!

      And, actually, now that you point it out.... everyone's eyes ARE closed. It's like me in nearly every photo ever taken of me... except the ones where my eyes are open freakishly wide, like a creepster.


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