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When I started this blog nearly three years ago (come January... and I cringe when I look back at those old posts....), my original intention was to post one specific product, event, tradition, etc. that I was currently obsessing over (hence, why my subtitle on this blog says ". . .on the constant search for a new obsession"). As time went on I realized I wanted my blog to focus more on the little projects I busy myself with.... first it was baking and cooking and then morphed into home design as we bought our first home. Though I've been trying to keep things house-related, I realize I've been kind of all over the board lately.

In preparation for the blogs third birthday, I've decided to reintroduce a series inspired by this blog in its infancy. At least once a month I'd like to share a little about some products or experience I'm currently crazy about. I'm actually a big fan when my favorite blogs post some of their "favorite things," and hope you'll be a fan of this new series, as well! Hopefully I can inspire you to try a new product or go on a new adventure, or maybe you can leave a comment pointing out one of your latest obsessions! Either way, I think it's fun to share about the little things that make our day.... even if, in my case, they are usually food-related.

So..... now that the explanation's out of the way, let's get to it!


Almond Breeze Coconut-Almond Milk (Unsweetened)

You guys, this stuff is seriously my new jam. I've been on the almond milk train for quite a while now (I personally prefer it to milk in cereal, oatmeal and just straight-up from the glass), but had been curious about my favorite brand's (Almond Breeze) latest product blending regular almond milk with coconut milk. The verdict? This stuff tastes like you're drinking an Almond Joy (ehhh... kind of. There' no replacing a delicious Almond Joy...). I've made hot chocolate with it and it was amazing. I've added it to coffee and loved it. I've been enjoying it in my morning oatmeal and it adds a great coconutty flavor. I may never go back to regular almond milk again.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter
Now, technically I've been loving Cookie Butter for about a year now. I first discovered it last year just before Christmas, and I pick up a jar every time I stop in Trader Joe's. This stuff is absolutely incredible. It tastes like a gingerbread cookie you can spread over anything. Picture peanut butter, but sweet and made out of cookies..... Yeah. It's as good as you think. You know what makes it even better? Mixing a little in with oatmeal, some dried cranberries and a little splash of that delectable almond-coconut milk above.... such a perfect fall/winter breakfast. (No, this stuff isn't healthy. It's got 5 gram of sugar, essentially no protein, absolutely no fiber and its ingredient list reads rather long.... but it's something to treat yourself with every now and then). Dip cookies in it... pretzels.... nuts... WHATEVER. It's good on anything. And if you're not near a Trader Joe's, I've also discovered a product that is incredibly close to cookie butter: Biscoff Spread. You know those little gingersnap-type biscuit cookies you normally eat around the holidays? Those are Biscoff. And Biscoff Spread has been around for a while now.... find it in the peanut butter aisle. Whichever of these two products you buy, trust me, you won't be disappointed with either.

What have you been loving lately? Is there a product you love you think I simply have to try? Leave a comment and let me know what you love!

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