Christmas Explosion 2012

It's here, it's here! With the passing of Thanksgiving, the Christmas season is officially here!!!

By this point, you're well aware we don't take the holiday season lightly. We deck every hall possible and jingle bell after bell after bell. Next to Buddy the Elf, you'd be hard pressed to find someone with more holiday cheer than the two of us. And, yes, we believe the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear...

.... and also, lights. Lots and lots of Christmas lights.

Last year, our first year as homeowners, Eric was especially excited to put up Christmas lights outside. We went a liiiittttlllee crazy in the Christmas department at Menards buying our initial light supply. But even after all the lights we put up last year (eventually earning us the title of the Griswolds of the block, by our neighbors), it still wasn't enough for Eric. This year, he added just a bit more to up the kitsch factor.

New to the house this year are the purple-lit wreaths to the left of the side, the hanging colored lights above our patio along the left side of the house, the multi-colored oversized bulbs running along the front of the yard, and, the real spotlight of the show: the red and green floodlights illuminating those trees I hate so much in the front yard. For one month of the year, lit up in colors of the season, those trees bring me joy.

We can't forget an old favorite, it's Mr. Bear! He's made his annual pilgrimage from the backyard to the front yard, decked out with his festive hat and, new this year, a very special holiday wreath. (And yes, Eric is tinkering with the lights in the background...  he's just never satisfied!)

Also new this year? This very adorable little penguin, who sits up on a table on our patio, greeting everyone who comes to our home this holiday season.

Of course, the obligatory leg lamp sits in the front window. And Mr. Pancakes is the ultimate Watch Cat... making sure no one harms the precious wonderland outside.

Sunday was the Grand Lighting, so at 5pm we went outside, drumrolled and lit up the street.

After the Grand Lighting, it was time to make the inside of our home as festive as the outside! 

We played some of our favorite Christmas albums...

And I dug out all my favorite decorations to place around the house.

Even Mr. Pancakes and Lieu Lieu got into the spirit!

Or.... as "in the spirit" as these two can get.

Just as we got with our outdoor decorations, we got a little ambitious with our tree this year. In a totally Clark Griswold moment at the tree farm, I saw this Fraser Fir and stopped in my tracks. "There it is..."
 "It's not going in our yard.... it's going in our living room."

The tree had to be trimmed at the top by about a foot in order for Baby Sinclair to fit on top. But tradition is tradition... and it just wouldn't be Christmas without a little "Dinosaurs" nostalgia.

And, of course, I got a little misty eyed when hanging the most special ornament of all on the tree this year.... I can't believe it's been almost a year since Eric proposed to me with this!

Is it just me or is everything just a little cozier and happier when the house is decked out with all things Christmassy? Our house seems just so much cheerier. And this is just the beginning of all the Christmas fun! Throughout the next month, stay tuned for holiday recipes, crafts and the slight possibility of even more pictures of cats dressed as Christmas characters...

'Tis this season, after all.

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