What I'm Loving Today 11.29.12

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I kicked off my “What I’m Loving Today” series, wherein I share products or experiences I’m currently obsessing over. Today, it’s yet another Trader Joe’s fascination and an incredibly useful tool that could save a lot of headaches this time of year!

Dark Chocolate Speculoos-Filled Candy Bars
In the last installment, I raved over the incredibly delicious Speculoos Cookie Butter that Trader Joe’s introduced last year. This year, they’ve gone one step further and are offering dark chocolate bars filled with little pockets of that same Speculoos cookie spread.... and boy, oh boy, are they wonderful. For only a dollar, found at the registers at Trader Joe’s, they’re the ultimate impulse candy buy. I’m thinking they’d also be pretty fun to use in baking....

I’m at the point in wedding planning where I have complete one of the most dreaded, tedious tasks - collecting addresses of guests. Nobody likes doing it - those spreadsheets can be awfully annoying. However, I’ve found a free online tool that has made the process scores easier for me. When you sign up at Postable.com, you’re given a unique page where you can keep track off all your contacts’ addresses. When you want to get addresses from people, you simply send them your personalized Postable URL and the contacts can easily (and securely) take one minute to fill in their own name, address, phone number, e-mail address, spouse’s name, and more! This has been a lifesaver. I’ve been emailing and Facebooking the link out to people and have been enjoying watching the contacts populate for me through Postable! What’s more, everything is kept neatly organized, and you can also make mailing labels through the site! Incredible. 

If you’re not wedding planning, but are looking for a place to store all your contacts in one place (the perfect solution for sending cards this holiday season), Postable is the perfect place to keep track of everyone. I was sold instantly to this site, and could not recommend it more.

These are just a couple of my favorite things today! What products or activities have you been into lately?

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